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    Plugin category: ??? - honestly have no idea

    minecraft version: 1.16.5

    Suggested name: ChanceDropping

    Hello, I've been searching for ages for a plugin that allows you to add custom drops to blocks but also adds a chance of dropping the item aswell say for example: an enchanted diamond pickaxe named emerald pickaxe that gives you extra hp you would be able to type a command like /cd add hand <block> and it takes all the propertys of the item and stores it somewhere so whenever someone breaks the block listed it will have a chance of dropping the item

    Ideas for commands: /cd add hand <block>, /cd remove hand or /cd remove <item>

    Ideas for permisisons: chancedrop.add and chancedrop.remove

    When i'd like it by: No time needed i just really want to find a plugin like this
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    Hello there,

    I managed to create the plugin you want. It works exactly like you described it in your post. Below you can find a quick documentation of how it works.


    default-drop-chance -> If drop chance is not given in the command, the plugin will take this value
    data -> This section is later on generated by plugin itself. Please DO NOT modify this manually unless you really know what you are doing.


    chancedropping.add ->
    Allows you to use /cd add (default: op)
    chancedropping.remove -> Allows you to use /cd remove (default: op)


    /cd add (hand | BLOCK) TARGET_BLOCK (chance)
    -> hand | block -> choose whether to copy an item from your hand or a basic Minecraft block/item
    -> TARGET_BLOCK -> Block to which the item drop is given to
    -> chance -> chance of that item dropping upon block being mined (0-100%)

    /cd remove TARGET_BLOCK (hand | BLOCK)
    -> TARGET_BLOCK -> Block to which the item drop is removed from
    -> hand | block -> choose whether to remove the item from your hand or a basic Minecraft block/item
    -> If you leave this argument empty, all items will be removed from block
    -> If you are trying to remove with hand item, that item must exactly match the one in the block (even durability must be the same)

    /cd add hand GRASS_BLOCK 20 -> Adds current item in hand to GRASS_BLOCK with 20% chance of being dropped

    /cd add DIAMOND GRASS_BLOCK -> Adds diamond to GRASS_BLOCK. Since drop chance is not specified it will take the value from config.yml

    /cd remove GRASS_BLOCK hand -> Removed current item in hand from GRASS_BLOCK drops, if that one exists

    /cd remove GRASS_BLOCK -> Removes all drops from GRASS_BLOCK

    If you have any questions, issues or further requests for this plugin, don't hesitate to post them here ^-^

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