[CentOS] Automatic Bukkit 1.4.7 Setup/Java Install!

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Would you like this to use an addon jar that does additional configuration?

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    Edit: Updated to download right from Bukkit servers, I apologize, I didn't realize this would be a problem. :(

    Hello everyone! I made a simple shell script file that, on CentOS, will install java, nano, htop, and download Bukkit as well as set you up with a launch.sh file to launch craftbukkit. :)

    This is assuming you are at the command line (either through SSH or physically at the computer) and have internet connectivity.

    3 lines of commands for setup:
    wget theopeneffect.com/centos/launch.sh
    chmod a+x launch.sh

    then to launch your Bukkit server...
    cd BukkitServer


    If you would like to watch a video tutorial series on how to use this and how to install plugins yourself:
    <-- Ep. 1

    For those of you who want to see what the shell script does:

    echo -----------------------------------------------------
    echo "Welcome to Bukkit 1.4.7 Auto-Setup for CentOS!"
    echo "This program automatically installs Java, htop,"
    echo "nano, and downloads Bukkit 1.4.7 R1.0."
    wget http://www.theopeneffect.com/centos/jre-7u9-linux-i586.rpm
    echo -e "\033[35mDownloaded java RPM, starting INSTALL"
    echo -e "\033[37m"
    rpm -ivh jre-7u9-linux-i586.rpm
    rm -f jre-7u9-linux-i586.rpm
    echo "ignore the previous errors, they are normal!"
    echo -e "\033[37mInstalled Java, now installing nano..."
    yum install nano -y << CONFIRM
    echo "installing htop.."
    wget theopeneffect.com/centos/htopi686.rpm
    rpm -Uvh htopi686.rpm
    rm -f htopi686.rpm
    wget "http://dl.bukkit.org/downloads/craftbukkit/get/01804_1.4.7-R0.1/craftbukkit-beta.jar" -O "craftbukkit1.4.7.jar"
    mkdir BukkitServer
    cp craftbukkit1.4.7.jar BukkitServer/craftbukkit1.4.7.jar
    rm -f craftbukkit1.4.7.jar
    cd BukkitServer
    wget http://www.theopeneffect.com/centos/startServer.sh
    chmod a+x startServer.sh
    cd ..
    echo Congratulations! Java, nano, and HTOP are all installed!
    echo Thank you for using TheBestMacTutorials\'s Bukkit auto set-up!
    echo If you have any questions or problems, feel free to ask
    echo at youtube.com/thebestmactutorials or on our website at
    echo theopeneffect.com. You should now have a folder here called
    echo BukkitServer, and inside an executable shell script called
    echo startServer.sh. To run your server, just cd into BukkitServer,
    echo type "screen", and type: 
    echo -e "\033[32m./startServer.sh"
    rm -f launch.sh
    Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

    Oh, and the video was done on 1.4.2 BETA, however everything is the exact same, and the script is updated to handle 1.4.7 automatically :) (using the latest dev. build)
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    This download bukkit from an external source...
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    Yeah. I tried having it download from bukkit servers and I kept encountering an issue. If this is a problem for people I can try to get it to download bukkit from source again.
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    What about screen?
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    Screen comes already installed with CentOS 6 :)
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    It's against Bukkit ToS to redistribute (Third party download, as yours does) Bukkit.
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    Oh, it is? Alright, I'll switch it over tomorrow when I'm more awake.
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    Removed download link. Your script must download from dl.bukkit.org if you wish to have your tool on any Bukkit site/service.
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    Updated, now uses dl.bukkit.org :)
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    Why not, instead of cp and rm, use mv?
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    Yeah, either work, although your method would be faster/more efficient. I'll update it to use that next time I update the script for the new bukkit version :)
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    will this work on centos 5
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    Yeah, it should work fine on CentOS 5, let me know if it gives you any trouble :)
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    UPDATED: Now downloads and installs bukkit 1.4.5 R1.0!

    Downloads are still from Bukkit servers.
    Would people be interested in an update script?
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    Updated again, supports installation of latest beta if users want. :)
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    Maybe we can work together on this one. Take a look at the baskit server manager. It should solve a lot of the update needs, uses screen, and so forth. Maybe fleshing out the install_baskit.sh script to install java7 instead of OpenJDK6. Would also need to support Debian though ;)

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    Now downloads and sets up Bukkit 1.4.7R0.1 :)
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