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    "One region for one size Cells"

    This Plugin requires WorldEdit and WorldGuard to run as well as Vault

    If Cell is Owned,

    Region Allows them to:

    -Build Inside the Cell

    -Pvp Deny

    Chest Access Allow

    CraftingTable/Furnace Allow

    Block-Place Allow

    Block-Break Allow

    Rented Cell signs,

    1st Line: [Rented] - In Dark Red

    2nd Line: {Players name} - In White

    3rd Line: 03:00:00 - EX: ( 2:23:59 ) 2=Days/23=Hours/59=Mines - In Black

    4th Line: $RenewPrice ( How much money you need to renew cell, back to 03:00:00 ) - In Dark Blue

    Buy Cell Sign,

    1st Line: [Cell] - In Light Green

    2nd Line:

    3rd Line: 03:00:00 - EX: ( 2:23:59 ) 2=Days/23=Hours/59=Mines - In Black

    4th Line: $Price | EX: ( $120000.0 ) - In Purple

    How to create Cells for Rent,

    Renting a Layout

    1st Line: [Rent]

    2nd Line: (Name of Saved Layout)

    3rd Line: How many Days? | 03:00:00 | EX: ( 2:23:59 ) 2=Days/23=Hours/59=Mines

    4th Line: $Price | EX: ( $120000.0 )

    comes with two groups in config:

    -home | (cells are L=5 W=5 H=5)

    -donator | (cells are L=7 W=7 H=7)


    1) /vcell Help

    2) /vcell layout Create {Name}

    3) /vcell layout Remove {Name}

    4) /vcell layouts

    5) /home

    6)/cell unrent home

    7) /donator

    8) /cell unrent donator

    9) /donator fly

    10) /vcell layout edit {Name}


    1) Venice Cells Help

    2) create a layout for cells

    3) remove a layout for cells

    4) all cell layouts listed

    5) ability to teleport to Home cell

    6) unrent Home cell

    7) ability to teleport to Donator cell

    8) unrent Donator cell

    9) fly in donator cell

    10) ability to edit layout by left/right clicking with world edit on new cell walls


    1) vcells.help

    2) vcells.create.layout

    3) vcells.remove.layout

    4) vcells.layout

    5) vcells.home

    6) vcells.unrent.home

    7) vcells.donator

    8) vcells.unrent.donator

    9) vcells.donator.fly

    10) vcells.edit.layout

    how it works?

    -make a cell

    -add a region to the inside of the cell (no walls)

    -create a cell layout

    -make the (How to create cells for rent format) onto the sign

    -right when sign is complete, it will set the cell up for rent with region/flags

    -Easy to make multiple cells with layout saved

    How many cells can members rent?

    -we want two groups, more if needed

    -each group has its own permissions meaning, we can set how many cells a group can rent. Perhaps someone buys a donator rank, we want them to be able to rent a home cell and a donator cell but one of each.

    If you're interested in making this plugin, please msg back!

    I know theres a lot of other plugins for cells but what i have wrote down for perks ext.. I didn't really find any plugin to work the best.
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