Cell Buyer [Prison Servers] [Formatted]

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    Plugin category: I do not know how to categorize it.

    Suggested name: Cell Buyer [For Prison Servers]

    A bit about me: I am making a new prison server and looking for a developer looking for a challenge of the plugin I will tell you about in the next section. I will not take credit for others work.

    What I want: A plugin where people can buy a certain area within a sign would be nice.

    So say I put a sign the block above a iron door that says [Buy Me] then on the next line it says $(amount).

    After buying it, the sign would change and say (player name) and then line 2 (how long the person has it, which could be configurable) and only that person can open the door by left clicking his sign and the door auto opened for x amount of seconds before closing again, also configurable

    Then after that x amount of days, the sign would return the the normal [Buy Me] and before that it cleared the room to be the same as before.

    For more clarifications on the plugin, being my first plugin request, feel free to post questions you may have for me.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin since I want it to be all sign based, unless you right click a sign and it says I.e "Type /buy cell (cell#) to purchase!"

    Ideas for permissions: cell.buy cell.leave

    When I'd like it by: Within 1-2 weeks.

    Similar plugin requests: No similar requests.

    Devs who might be interested in this: TnT ChrizC codename_B md_5 Whisk
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    So you will edit that, I just need to install lockette?
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    Do you possibly have this started/finished? Can I see progress?
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    hey use the plugin simple region market. you can edit the names in the config like 'hotel' is an area that you rent so you could rename it to 'CELL' or 'Buy Me' and 'agent' is like prison plots. if you need any more plugin references just ask and if you need a guard or warden, i would be glad to be one on your server. what is your server address?
    this is the link to it http://thezorro266.com/download.html and the help is all on the page :)

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