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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by TheSlimeMan2, Jul 5, 2015.

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    Plugin category:

    Suggested name: CEBooks

    What I want: I want a enchantment plugin that is very expansive and nice to the player, by having loads of features and stats, And easily create new ones by using the in-game files with little coding.

    here are some ideas on what these books would look like :D

    Enchantment Books/Enchantment Book Format (open)
    Format: (Note: Legendary books will always have a mythical enchant for the same type of item :D)
    might I add that these are gotten from enchanting in an enchantment table and cannot be directly enchanted on to gear ;) (So you can't get a sword with a custom enchant by only enchanting. You need the book to put on the sword.)

    here is how it would look on gear :D

    You know how legendary says ender infusion? well, you have to make this thing :D
    This THING is how you infuse legendary books to items. so you need the following:
    x64 Blaze Rods
    x16 Ender Pearls
    x1 Enchanting Material
    x1 Legendary Enchantment Book

    Put them on each diamond block at the top in their own stacks and right click any bottom diamond block to start the infusion. It will use the amount of experience that is labeled on the book. So 56 levels is what I would need to infuse Venom IV and Decay IV.

    Enchantment List (putting all of this on a thread would make this the longest thread known to man xD:

    Ideas for commands:
    cebooks reload - Reloads the plugin.
    /cebooks chance [Tier] - see the chances of each tier of enchant.
    /cebooks enchant <Enchantment> <Level> - Enchants an item with said enchant.
    /cebooks modify <Variable> - Modify chances, effects and max lvl of enchant with this. WARNING: GIVE THIS TO REALLY TRUSTED PEOPLE. I'M NOT RESPONISBLE FOR SERVER DESTRUCTION!
    /cebooks disabletier <Tier> - Disables all chances of getting a certain tier (e.g. /cebooks disabletier legend would turn off all getting of legendary enchants ;)
    /cebooks disablece <Enchant > - Disables enchant from server. Needs a reload/server restart to take effect.

    Ideas for permissions:
    cebooks.default - Allows non-oped players to get access to enchants.
    cebooks.op - Allows oped players to get access to enchants.
    cebooks.myth - allows people to get mythical enchantments.
    cebooks.legend - allows people to get legendary enchants.
    cebooks.modify - allows people to modify the plugin by changing chances and other misc. stuff.
    cebooks.disable - allows people to disable enchantment books and enchants.
    cebooks.broken - Allows people to create broken enchants that go past their limit. But honestly they won't work so ye :p

    When I'd like it by: as soon as you can :), but i'm going for November 30, 2015 - December 25, 2015.

    Extra: There is no vanilla enchantments in these books! Unless I have an idea of what would make them better :cool:

    Also lores and stuff we're all handled by SimpleRename. That is such a good plugin :D
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    I like the idea and would love to do this.
    But I currently have a lack of time for it.
    As an alternative I would like to offer you to integrate most of your ideas into my MagicLoot Plugin which already features Tiers (including LEGENDARY) for its Items and Enchantment Books in the upcoming v3.0
    This is just a suggestion to make it easier and faster for me to accomplish and at the end you will still get your Plugin including some Features from MagicLoot which would go extremely well with the System you described as it was already similiar to that.

    So, I will gladly add these Features to MagicLoot, the Enchantments you requested may be an extra Addon though since the current Users of MagicLoot might not want all of these.

    Anyway, just keep in mind that this will surely take two or three weeks as it is kind of big and I am still in London because of Minecon. But once I am back home and have everxthing setup again, I would love to start working on this.
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    Thank you so much! I understand the timeframe issue, and that's fine. This integration will help even more because I have had SlimeFun on my server since I started it! Should I add the (filled) tag?
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    Sure if you want. Just keep in mind that this isn't done yet, but it will be at some point.
    Lots of things have to happen in MagicLoot 3 anyway before this can happen.
    And you also need to be ready for compromises with such huge requests.
    Not that I wouldn't add any large parts of it, by compromises I only mean different Altar Designs, different Lores and stuff like that since I always give my own little Twist to my Plugins.
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    Sure! I'm in for that. I can't let it be mine completely, you're the developer! And lores are just cosmetic :D so you can change those however you like :) Am adding the tag right now ;)
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    Sure. By the way. I will most likely be adding an Enchantment Guide Book as well for Enchantment Infos.

    Also make sure to tag me otherwise I might not see your Post.
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    I honestly can't wait to use this!
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    Thanks :D I worked really hard on this concept!

    @mrCookieSlime also, bump. haven't heard back for around a month so I'm wondering what's happening :3
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    I would really like to have access to the source code. Maybe make a custom enchantment API out of this? I have really been struggling with making custom enchantments, and this is exactly what I have been wanting. I would like to be able to build on this, if you will allow me to @mrCookieSlime.
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    Perhaps something like this for a config I guess :D @Keubix @mrCookieSlime

    Config of sorts (explaining how it might work for stomp) :
    On falldmg (trigger)

    condition: fdmg x0.25 = dmg (amount/condition)
    condition: fblocks x0.2 = area
    condition: fblocks x0.1 = knup (knockup)

    do dmg > area
    do knup > area

    this is only an idea, just thought it would be cool. :p Maybe this is impossible..
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    @TheSlimeMan2 that is not impossible, but it is very hard in my opinion. I know Java and Bukkit, so I wanted him to turn it into a API so I can make my own Custom Enchants.
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    There will be an API anyway, I may also publish the Source Code on GitHub at some point if anyone wants to join me.

    The reason you haven't hear anything from me in a month is simple: Real Life.
    First I was on Minecon, then Vacation and two weeks ago a member of my family died which is quite sad but also very stressing.
    My life is currently very busy, so please bear with me when I am taking a few weeks longer than expected.
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    Unlocked Thread.

    Disclaimer: This is not a Necropost, it is an Update.

    @TheSlimeMan2 @Keubix
    Progress has been made. The API and most of the internal Stuff is done, I am currently just registering all remaining Enchantments using this API.
    I count with being able to have a Test Build in a few weeks.
    (If you still want it)
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    @mrCookieSlime Nice :D (yes i still want it) btw sorry for the late reply, school hogs up time :/
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    Note: This is not a necropost, this is a "bump" if you will.

    So.... I kinda want to get the test build. I'm sorry if this came out rude, and I know I should be patient. I also know that you are working on a lot of things, So if you don't have a test build, that is fine.
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    Sorry, I don't have a Test Build ready for you but to be fair, you also requested quite a lot of Enchantments :p

    Also I split this up into two Plugins

    - EmeraldEnchants 2
    (Contains most of the Enchantments, Enchantment Mechanics, etc)
    This one is done.

    - MagicLoot 3
    (Contains the Loot Tiers and the Enchanted Book Randomizer and soon also the Altar)
    All I am really missing at the moment is the Altar Mechanic.

    Also I will probably be changing this Ender Infusion thing slightly, I haven't entirely decided yet but I planned on making the Altar smaller, but wider and also being required for all Books not just Legendary Ones and then implement a Cost of some sort.

    And I will probably also not be implementing the Commands, a Config is more appropriate for this.
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