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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Krglok, Aug 1, 2012.

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    I made a Textscanner for find the catacomb specific characters und transform them in small images.
    this images are copied in a greater image and sorted by postion auf the character in the textlog.
    and boom we have a nice image for the dungeon levels.

    Example Image:


    • load textfile
    • scan file for dungeons (only Catacomb)
    • show dungeon name and level count
    • show levels as image
    • dungeon name and level on image
    • export image as PNG
    • copy image to clipboard
    • index of the catacomb symbols and rasterimages
    • index is printable
    • Only scan for the first Dungeon found
    • Programm is written in C# so you need .NET 4.x
    Installation :
    • Download ZIP-File
    • .NET 4.x needed ! (Eventually install before)
    • Unzip anywhere you want
    • start catacombpainter.exe

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    where do i download this file?
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    i have it forgotten sorry,
    make the link soon.
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    please do im extremely interested i figured out how to read the map and all but a visual representation with blocks is more then helpful for editing them if id like
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    still no link =D help a guy out here
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