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    Plugin category: Fun/Minigame

    Minecraft version: Minecraft 1.10.2

    Suggested name: Castle Siege

    What I want: This is a minigame plugin where all the players are on the same team fighting against monsters that are attacking the castle.

    How to Play:
    Inlobby: Lobby count down starts when there are two players in the lobby, [Timer set to 1 minute] When the time is up, all players are sent into the game. In the lobby, players can pick there kit by clicking on an NPC, they can also buy kits by click on NPCs that are not bought already. NPC Names: &b%kit% &3» &c%coins% coins if already bought &b%kit% &3» &a%coins% coins

    How to play: Players must kill all the zombies, skeletons, and creepers, before they get to the castle door, if a mob gets to the set position, the castle will loose a heart. [Castle has 50 hearts] The game runs for 15 minutes, every 5 minutes the monsters level will increase. [The higher the level, the harder they will be]
    Levels (open)

    Zombies: Speed 1 Hearts: 10 Spawn Rate: 75% Walks toward the set castle position and will punch [-1 castle heart]
    Skeletons: Speed 1 Hearts 10 Spawn Rate: 20% Walks toward players and shoots them [-1 Player hearts]
    Creeper: Speed 0.5 Hearts 5 Spawn Rate: 5% Blow up at the set position and will blow up [-3 castle hearts]

    Zombies: Speed 1.5 Hearts: 20 Spawn Rate: 60% Walks toward the set castle position and will punch [-1 castle heart]
    Skeletons: Speed 1.5 Hearts 20 Spawn Rate: 30% Walks toward players and shoots them [-1.5 Player hearts]
    Creeper: Speed 1 Hearts 10 Spawn Rate: 10% Blow up at the set position and will blow up [-4 castle hearts]

    Zombies: Speed 3 Hearts: 40 Spawn Rate: 35% Walks toward the set castle position and will punch [-2 castle heart]
    Skeletons: Speed 3 Hearts 40 Spawn Rate: 35% Walks toward players and shoots them [-3 Player hearts]
    Creeper: Speed 2 Hearts 30 Spawn Rate: 30% Blow up at the set position and will blow up [-5 castle hearts]
    Players must kill monsters, before they reach the set castle position, if they do they will start hurting the castle, when a zombie hits the position, they will hit the castle position every 2 seconds, a creeper will blow up and die right away. [Only dealing the damage once] If a player dies they are put invisible and can fly until the game is over. The boss bar shows how much health the castle has, (color is red) your XP bar shows how much longer the game has.

    After Game: Points add up depending on how many players were ingame, how many monsters they killed, and if you won or lose:
    Coins per monster kill: 1
    Coins per win: [2 Players 50 coins] [3 Players 33 coins] (100 divided by the amount of players ingame.)
    Coins per lose: 10 coins
    A title will come up saying "&a-&2Game is over&a-" and a subtitle will come up "&6-&eHumans/Monsters Win&6-"
    When the game is over players are invisible and can fly around for 10 seconds then they are put back into the lobby. While players are invisible, if they lost the game all monsters recieve the NoAI tag.

    Kits (open)

    Swordsman NEEDED
    Price: Free
    Items: Stone Sword [3 hearts of damage]
    Helmet: None
    Chestplate: Iron
    Leggings: Leather
    Boots: Leather
    Effects: None

    Archer NEEDED
    Price: 250
    Items: Bow [5 hearts of damage]
    1 Arrow every 3 seconds max of 5 arrows
    Helmet: None
    Chestplate: Chainmail
    Leggings: Leather
    Boots: Leather
    Effects: None

    Bomber IF POSSIBLE
    Price: 500
    Items: 1 TNT every 10 seconds Max tnt is 3 [Throw TNT and it blows up like normal tnt, doesn't break blocks]
    Wooden sword [
    Helmet: None
    Chestplate: Leather
    Leggings: Leather
    Effects: Speed 1

    Price: 750
    Items: Wind dust [Bonemeal] throwing this item blasts all monsters within 5 blocks back 6 blocks.
    Flying powder [Light blue dye] throwing this item tosses all monsters within 4 blocks 10 blocks high
    Helmet: leather [black]
    Chestplate: leather [black]
    Leggings: Leather [black]
    Boots: Leather [black]
    Effects: Speed 1

    TopLine: &6&lCastle&e&lSiege
    Line1: &8 » &f%coins &bcoins
    Line2: &8 » &fCurrently &b%stats [Stats: Ingame, In Lobby]

    Ideas for commands and permissions:
    cs.player - given to all players by default
    /coins [player] - Shows how much coins the player has, if no player is given it shows how much coins you have
    /join - Joins CastleSiege, if the game is started, they become a spectator
    cs.admin - give to ops by default
    /cs setlobby - All players teleport here before game, when the join, and after the game
    /cs setspawn players - All Players will start here
    /cs setspawn monsters <#> - Zombies, Skeletons, and Creepers will spawn at these places
    /cs setcastlepoint - Zombies and Creepers must get here, or 3 blocks in a 3 block radius to attack the castle
    /cs kit unlock/lock <kit> <player> - Unlocks, or locks the current kit for said player
    /npc setkit <kit> - Sets the NPC players must click to select or buy the kit

    Messages (open)

    /coins > &bCoins &8» &7%Player&f currently has &7%coins &fcoins.
    /join > &bJoin &8» &fSending you to &6&lCastle&e&lSiege&f...
    /cs setlobby > &6C&eS &8» &fSet the &6&lCastle&e&lSiege&flobby
    /cs setspawn players > &6C&eS &8» &fSet the player spawn for &6&lCastle&e&lSiege
    /cs setspawn monsters > &6C&eS &8» &fSet a monster spawn for &6&lCastle&e&lSiege
    /cs setcastlepoint > &6C&eS &8» &fSet the castle point for &6&lCastle&e&lSiege
    /cs kit unlock/lock > &6C&eS &8» &7Locked/Unlocked &fthe &7%kit &fkit for &7%player
    /npc setkit > &6C&eS &8» &fSet the selected NPC to the &7%kit &fkit
    Countdown > &6C&eS &8» &fCurrently &7%time&f seconds left until the game begins! [Comes up at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 30 seconds]
    JoinedLobby > &6C&eS &8» &7%player &fhas joined &6&lCastle&e&lSiege
    SelectKit > &2Kit &8» &fSelected kit &7%kit&f for the next game
    BuyKit > &2Kit &8» &fBought kit &7%kit &ffor &7%price&f coins
    CannotEfford > &2Kit &8» &fYou need &7%price&f coins to buy &7%kit&f!
    GameBegin > &6C&eS &8» &fThe game has begun, kill the monsters before they reach the castle doors
    MinutesLeft > &6C&eS &8» &fThere are &7%Minutes &fminutes left! [Comes up at 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 minutes]
    StrongerMonsters > &6C&eS &8» &fMonsters are now stronger and faster good luck!
    UnderAttack > &6C&eS &8» &fThe castle is under attack! Go kill the monsters! [Has a 1 minutes cooldown]
    Death > &6C&eS &8» &7%Player&f has died to a monster!
    MonstersWin >&6C&eS &8» &fThe castle has fallen, &2Monsters&f win.
    HumansWin > &6C&eS &8» &fThe castle has survived the night, &6Humans&f win.
    AfterMath: All these messages go in this order after the game!
    Reward > &6C&eS &8» &fYou have earned &7%coins &fcoins
    Kills > &fYou have killed &7%kills&f monsters giving you &7%reward&f coins. [1 kill = 1 coin]
    Win/Loss > &fYou &2won/&closs &fthe game, you earned &7%reward coins!
    PlayerBonus > &fPlayer &7%Player &fhas recieved the bonus! &b+25 coins&f!
    ReturnToLobby > &6C&eS &8» &fSending you to the &6&lCastle&e&lSiege&f lobby soon...

    When I'd like it by: Whenever is possible for you!

    Extra details if possible:
    - The time is set to night during the game, and will slowly turn to day as the time goes on
    - If the time runs out, it will be day, and all the monsters will burn one by one

    - I have Citizens, and NPCCommands.
    - If you need any other plugins for this I am 100% fine with downloading them!
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    Really liked the idea, I might do it on the future!
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    This looks really cool! It may be something I make in my free time, since I'm at school, and haven't played the game in forever. Would you specify the structure of the commands? And some more context, IE, Is this plugin going to be on its own server? Or is it a side-mode?
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    @renaud444 I changed my mind about the plugin, I don't really need it anymore. Thanks though!
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