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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by lordjohnaitest, May 4, 2015.

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    This might be to much for one plugin but I hope someone can do it. I have tried coding and am rather bad at it.

    The name I would call it is Castle siege Plus.

    I am looking for a plugin that can do the following:
    1. For players to be auto assigned a team when joining the server.
    2. To be able to set a war zone. I am fine with it being compatible with world edit. (I know this might sound like the plugin war but I have tried it and it does not work for castle siege purposes)
    3. To have two teams with colored name tags. (It is alright if you link with another plugin)
    4. To have different spawn points for attackers and defenders.
    5. A feature to automatically put on armor from a essentials kit.

    Optional things I would like:

    1. A map voting system ( This would be the last thing people would need.)
    2. Side bar with deaths and siege status, kills and deaths, team, and possibly class.
    3. A team chat feature

    Command Ideas:

    • /Cs set
    • /Cs set lobby
    • /Cs Set Red Spawn
    • /Cs set blue spawn
    • /Cs team (team color) (Permission)
    Permission Ideas:

    • Cs.Team.Switch

    When I would like it by:

    When ever someone can spare the time

    Thank you I will give you credit for creating the plugin on my server if you are able to do this
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    1. Minigame plugins are rarely ever completed in plugin requests like these since they require a LOT of work.
    2. Most developers only do requests like these if they're simple and original.
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    Yes I have seen that before and was hoping that someone would at least try. This is very complicated plugin.
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