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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: Capturing Flags!

    What I want: I was looking at bukkit dev for capture the flag plugins to use on my server, i noticed that either most were out of date, didn't support what i needed it too, or were really complicated to install. What i would like is a capture the flag plugin that can have the same game go to both of the other worlds(Nether and End) and can be reset when one team score has reach maximum. If possible i would also like it to randomly assign players to different teams, have reconizible features(colored wool heads), have team names(like "Bossess") in chat, and (these last ones i dont really need but would like it if possible) have mobs help the team that spawned in there base and reset the whole worlds when the game ends(disconnects everybody from the server for a minute). If any of these ideas have already been made, or are impossible to do, tell me in the comments so i know.

    Ideas for commands: /setflag (team name) (wool color), /setbase (team name)

    Ideas for permissions: set.capturingf.*, set.capturingf.flag, set.capturingf.base

    When I'd like it by: Anytime
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    Pvparena has the best CTF gamemode.
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    As chakyl said, pvparena is updated and good. Which by the way is the FIRST RESULT in the google search. What a surprise.

    Also, please don't bump a thread that this months old.
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