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    Hello! My name is Kyle and I have an idea for a bukkit plugin based off the real life game: Capture the Flag. To do this plugin you have to know how to play... so make sure you do. And the reason I cannot make it myself... I have no idea how to make plugins. So I need a dedicated person to help me! So here is how it would work:

    - The courts must be built. 2 Sides [1 For each team]

    - Using a slimeball [The 'flag'] They would select one side of the court [Left click for first position, right click for second or use world edit]. Then type: /ctp set [Name of side]. Then do the same thing for the other side. For example, select one half of the court and type /ctp set sidered then select the other half and type /ctp set side2. This will distinguish the sides.

    - Then while standing on 1 side they type /ctp set team [teamname] [sidename]. This sets what team has the side the person running the command is standing on. For example: /ctp set team blue team side1. Then they would do that for both sides.

    - Then they must select the jail. If I player gets tagged [Hit] they will be tped to jail. They cannot leave jail unless another member tags them [Hits them] And the player freed from jail can get a safe walk back. [When you hit someone on the court it doesn't inflict damage adn you cannot hit your own teamates, adn you can only jail the other team if you tag them WHILE THEY ARE ON YOUR SIDE]

    - Then the flag must be placed. The flag will be placed like when you just drop the slimeball onto a half slab. Each team must place there flag. A team cannot pick up there own flag unless it leaves the slab or the game ends. But there other team can [Only when the game is started].

    - Then people would select there team with /ctp join [team]. After they select they will tped to there court. They cannot leave there court until the game starts

    - Then the game starts with /ctp start. There must be at least 2 members on each team.

    - The game has started. Tp designate who is on each team, Hitting someone to jail them now works. The teams must capture the other teams flag [Picking it up] then run to the other teams side. IF they sucsessfully get to there side with the other teams flag the round is over, and the team wins. ALSO if all members of one team is jailed the round is won.

    /ctp set [name of side] - Used after half of the court is selected to say what the side is called
    /ctp set team [teamname] [sidename] - Used to assign a team to a side
    /ctp start - Starts a game
    /ctp leave - Leave a game
    /ctp stop - Admin command to terminate a game

    Thats all I have for now! Ill go into further details further with possible devs!
  2. There is no command for joining the game :D
    EDIT: I mean its not in the Commands thing.
  3. I think jamietech has been making a CTF plugin, I saw it on his github
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  5. The way mine works currently and how I want it to work is nothing like the one requested by OP.

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