Canto connect to my own server anymore?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by zaxman22, Jul 11, 2013.

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    Ok, here is what happened. The server was lagging so I stopped it. Now whenever i connect or someone else does, it says in the client: End Of Stream

    And it says in the console: Reached end of stream fo ip/

    Any fix?
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    Same issue here, its been down for about 28 hours for me atm with no fix mentioned so far. My server came back up for a little while with a completely new map, thought it was fixed so we uploaded the old map and it died again.
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    Did you try restarting it? Restarting works a lot better than stopping then starting back up again...
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    I figured out what happened, someone had created a tnt ball with WE in The End and set it off. I don't know how they got permission cause they were in the default group but anyways, what I did was a just deleted The End, and rebooted the server and BAM! Evryone can join again. So anyways, if you remove the problem world, it will regenerate and fix itself. The only problem would be if that was someones default world XD
    Anyways thanks for all your replies :D
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