cant to my server

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by talking4, Dec 30, 2012.

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    i am using windows 7 x64
    i useing java ver 7 update 10
    i had build 1.4.5 r 0.1 and it worked fine
    until i change to 1.4.6 r0.1 and got a lot of problems..
    some of them i fixed but when i wated change to 1.4.5 r 1.0 its doesnt work
    i mean i havent any problems in consle i just cant see the server on in minecraft..
    i used this plugins:
    blood moon(i update to the leaset)
    chest shop
    combatlog (i updated to the lastest)
    login security
    world edit
    my worlds (dont have an update yet)
    premissions ex

    thats its i hope you cant help me
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    Hi talking4
    Can you explain what exactly you're having problems with?
    So is your problem that your Minecraft server isn't appearing as 'online' on your server list?
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    yes and i havent see any problems in consle..
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    Well, it's recommended that you delete ALL not updated (not working) plugins and wait for a update.

    As Mojang continue to work towards the Minecraft Plugin API (cleaning up and rewriting the code), the code within Minecraft and CraftBukkit will undoubtedly shift. Fortunately, as the majority of the plugins available have been developed using only the Bukkit API (which was designed to be resilient and mostly update proof), this code shifting should not affect most of your servers.

    If, however, you happen to be running a plugin that uses code outside of the Bukkit API (like Minecraft or CraftBukkit code), those plugins are highly likely to break and bring down your servers with them - often without any advanced warning - whenever a Minecraft update is released.

    You can read the full topic here:

    I hope this helps
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    i did it and when i trayed enter without those plugins same problem can see the server on
    in the game server list
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