Can't Get Commandbook to Work

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Bluecomet2013, Jul 28, 2011.

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    Hi, I help administrate a server, and we are trying to switch from Essentials to Commandbook. We just deleted all the files from Essentials and replaced them with the Commandbook jar file. We ran into some problems when we ran the server, though:

    1. When we ran the server with Commandbook, Permissions pretty much failed. The group manager didn't work and we basically had op and non-op, no ranks that we set up on Permissions.
    2. /help was not configured; it was just the vanilla help menu.
    3. No configuration file for commandbook was created
    Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!

    EDIT #1: Some important info I forgot:
    • CraftBukkit Build: 1000
    • Server runs Windows 7 x64
    • We DO have WorldEdit and Permissions
    • There was no error message
    • Java version: 1.6.0_26
    EDIT #2: I should have posted this before: Commandbook itself still works, except for /help, but Permissions doesn't seem to be. I should have named the post "Permissions doesn't seem to work with Commandbook"
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    Why would you switch to CommandBook from Essentials? Just wondering...
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    CommandBook version, Permissions version? You are not using the Essentials group managers, right?
    @Banana937 eh... faster, more compatible with other plugins -> afaik
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    @Cabbage Why is GroupManager so terrible? I think it's simple.

    Also, can you give examples on compatibility? I've never had plugin compatibility issues with Essentials.
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    @Banana937 I'm not saying GroupManager is terrible, I wanted to be sure that when he said he "deleted Essentials" he did it with everything, not the one plugin, because if he was still trying to use GroupBridge without the base plugin, it obv. would not work.

    Expand to see pointless Essentials discussion
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    I was using Essentials on my server for quite a while too, but then came issues with WorldGuard, WorldEdit and stuff - and sk89q (WE,WG, CommandBook,Craftbook,Bukkit) somewhere posted that the majority of problems his users encounter is because of Essentials - that's when I switched.
    Although Essentials are good for a simple server with little or no other plugins, for bigger servers with lots of plugins I think it's just better to use "normal" plugins rather than an all-solving badge...
    Then you have stuff that adds features to economies, protections or is dependent on permissions, and so far I've seen more of them support iConomy/Permissions than EssentialsEcon/EssentialsGroupBridge...

    Now you know what you wanted to know, I'd stop this debate because it's totally offtopic.
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    @Cabbage Yup (to your last comment) --

    I just wanted to see what your points were. :p
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