Cant get bukkit started

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by azreth, Mar 11, 2011.

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    alright so i downloaded the bukkit 0.0.1-Snapshot jar file
    its 200kb in size and this is what i told was bukkit and when i try to start it its says
    Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute from C: blah blah blah nunya buissness stuff newfolder5
    am i doing something wrong or is it the wrong file PLZ HELP QQ
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    Is that when you ran the server with the plugin?
    If so, please copy and paste the error, so I can see the whole thing.
    Then, show your main class (usually PluginName.class/java)
    And also your plugin.yml
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    well, i click on the jar file and it has a windows error box tell me if u need a screen shot i can get it
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    You mean you double clicked on the bukkit jar file?
    You're supposed to set it as an external library in something like eclipse.
    Um, make sure you read what the tutorial told you to do, carefully please? :S
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    the link i has had no tutorial -link plox- so i can stop feeling like a fail person i normally make fun of QQ
    err nvrmd i fail XDDDD thx anyway -remeber to all u ppl outthere......reading is fundamental- =\
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    So is spelling to understand what you wrote.
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    You download plugin develompment API not the server. Try downloading Craftbukkit from
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