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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Coins4Cheese, Aug 12, 2011.

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    About 15 minutes ago, I was on my server with a few other people. Everything was going fine, but then one of my friends got disconnected from the server. He wasn't able to re-connect, so I decided to restart the server. When I tried logging in, I got this error message:

    Connection Lost
    Internal client error: Connection refused: connect

    Is anybody else having this problem?
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    I and my members are having problems logging onto our server today because of this, we physically can't get on the server. I believe it's because Minecraft was just updated to 1.7.4 (Go to single player and hit F3 to verify this). Seems there are a few people at least having this problem. I guess we just need to wait for a bukkit update?
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    Internal client error: Connection refused: connect

    same here, but the reason is " is doing stuff"
    It was Carl or Mollstrom announcing it on twitter.. you can turn your server in "offline" mode
    while this is happending. but that would also allow illegal clients. it wont check users against

    which is basicly why were denied acces. Comfirmation failed.
    no worries wait it out.

    ANd the servers are up :!/mollstam
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    Hmm, so it is not me or my comp's problem about this thing. I was thinking that i wouldn't ever be able to play Minecraft survival multiplayer again, i really got freaked lol
    I am glad it will be all good in somke time
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