Can't connect to my minecraft server?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by aaFireFoX, Aug 16, 2013.

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    Ok, so I have a minecraft server that was working, but I haven't been on it in a couple of weeks maybe, so when I tried to run it I can't connect? It IS portforwarded, the server ip in properties is set to nothing, it worked before, and I can only connect using just the port as the Ip. told me connection refused and cant route to host or something like that. Please help I need to work on my server!
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    aaFireFoX Where is your client in relation to the server? Same computer? Different computer, same network? Different network?
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    I run the server on the same computer that I play on if that is what you mean. Same internet network as well.

    c0mp sorry I don't know if you wanted me to tag you to alert you..

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    If it's just you that's trying to connect, you would use localhost or, rather than your actual internal or external IP address. Other computers on the same network (connected to the same router) would use your computer's internal IP, probably something like 192.168.x.x. If you want people from outside of your network to connect, you'd need to forward the Minecraft port in your router, and that's where comes into play. But for just you, on the same computer as the server, try localhost or and see if that at least goes through.
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    ..I haven't tried it with other people but when it was working i would connect to the server and it would say aaFireFoX logged in on ip so...Is that what you mean? And my server is already portforwarded as well as the port(?)...
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    aaFireFoX Correct, that is the loopback address. It tells your client that the server is running on the same machine. You would use it to connect anytime you're on the same computer as the server, and doesn't require a port to be forwarded in your router.
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    Ok, well thank you for your help and I will try to use that but I will also tell my friends to see if it's just me that the ip and port won't work for...
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    You may want to re-check that it's port forwarded (25565 obviously). Make sure that in your properties folder the port is correct. You don't necessarily need anything in the IP place just like c0mp stated.

    However, you should use this to check if the port is even open:
    Has anything been done to your internet connection? There is a certain type of connection that blocks ports from being opened, even if they're set to be port forwarded. What you want to have is a bridge connection I believe it's called.

    Another error could be that the IP of your computer changed because your IP changes constantly. In your port forward settings your IPv4 address should be what you're port forwarding through. If you want more information about it or help let me know.

    Another thing you should do is use a fake IP:
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    I have a static IP so I don't think that's the problem, I will try to run my server now though.

    And also the port I have it on is 25566, because I have another server that is 25565 but that's not the problem.

    for the the port says timed out and when I try it says connection refused. Sorry if I am a bit of a noob at these things. Hope you will be able to help me.

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    If you did portforward your server your server ip in the properties file should not be set to nothing.
    UNLESS You didn't change your IP If you did change it here is how to fix this:
    1. Go to command prompt and type ipconfig /all and look for ipv4 adress.
    2. Remember that adress and open your file.
    3. Type that adress into the server ip section.
    Hope this Helped!
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    My server ip in properties IS set to nothing, as I said in my first post...And what do you mean by didn't change my ip?
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    Ok, so I can connect using my ipv4 address (if i put it as the server ip), but other people cant connect. Are they also supposed to use my ipv4 address? And they also can't connect using the original ip either. Plz help!
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    aaFireFoX You would connect using localhost or If a friend is over and they're plugged into your router with another computer, or connected to your router via wifi, they would use the computer's internal address (something like 192.168.x.x). If you want a friend to connect from their house, they would use your external IP address. You can find that by going to and typing in 'what is my ip'. The very top option will say something like "Your public IP address is", where the X's could be any number.

    When using a service like, because it's attempting to connect to your server from across the internet, you would give it your external, or public, IP address.
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    I know that.....but my external ip isnt working for them...
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    kahunahd moe097 c0mp Guys I really need help! None of the things you've said have worked or helped! I'm not an idiot, I know they connect using my external ip/port, the problem is I can only connect using localhost/only my port as Ip etc., I want to connect using my IP, and other people STILL can't connect using my ip! It seems like other people are having this problem too so please help me!
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    Ok, so it turns out my Ip is dynamic, but even when someone tried connecting to it before it wouldn't work? Oh and I will try no-ip, thanks for the help! But, please try to figure out why they couldn't connect, even when I gave them the ip, because my friends used to be able to connect (I know I said it is dynamic but this should not have anything to do with them not connecting)! Once, again, thank you and please try to solve the rest of my problem! moe097

    Is there anything like No-ip that's free? Because I really have no way of paying with something like a PayPal account or anything like that...:(

    kahunahd Can you teach me more about I'm trying to use it for my server Ip but I have no idea how to use it, and it sounds like you have some experience, and thank you!

    Also, if it's not free, then I can't use it :/

    Sorry to "spam" but it should not matter if my ipv4 is static or dynamic as players use my external ip to connect. So, yeah...hope you can help and I think c0mp will be more likely to help me now...

    Ok, sorry for sounding so dumb but I think I've finally figured it out: When I portforwarded, I have to give my internal IP. Since my internal IP is dynamic, it changes frequently, meaning that the IP that players use to connect to my server doesn't change, but the IP that I enter in the portforwarding part of my provider does have to change! Thanks to all of you guys for the help, sorry a problem this simple took me so long to understand, if you have any ideas on how to further help me (as in so I can get a static ipv4/internal IP), then keep on posting and please tag me when you do! -aaFireFoX

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    aaFireFoX, if you have XP, Vista, or 7, this guide should explain how to set your IP to static.
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    I figured out how to set my ip to static, but no-ip is what im using because you can set a "static" ip whilst actually having a dynamic one. And it is free. Once again, thank you guys for your help and if you want to come and play on my server it is: and I am updating my survival server soon!
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    I was not able to get port 25565 open internally and externally on Windows 8 (and Windows 7) until I went into Windows Firewall and clicked on Advanced Settings. Then I clicked on Inbound Rules and scrolled down to "Java(TM) Platform SE binary", opened up the properties and selected "Allow the connection" in the Action block. I had two of the "Java Platform SE binary" entries, one for Java 6 and one for Java 7. I updated both and then internal and external access to the Minecraft server was available.

    For internal networks I had to append the port to the server ip address when I setup the server in multiplayer mode as in I also use static ip addresses on my network. I have also turned off ipv6 TCP protocol on the computer running the Minecraft Server but I don't know if that is a requirement.
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    did you open run.bat before you went on the server?
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