Can't apply certain enchantments to items/tools

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Zack4TTack, Mar 16, 2012.

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    Hello, Zack4TTack here. I am having a problem enchanting my diamond sword on my friend's server. When ever I type "/enchant unbreaking 127" when holding a diamond sword in my hand, I get an error message that says "Error: Can't apply enchantment to this itemstack"

    There is an picture showing this too.


    Can you help me on this?
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    The plugin you are using providing the /enchant command (Essentials is it?) is "safely" enchanting the item, so it refuses to add non-standard enchantment/item combinations not normally obtainable in vanilla. Unbreaking is only legitimately obtainable on tools, not swords.

    However… I just tested Sword + Unbreaking, and it does work as expected, surprisingly. The sword has a chance to not take damage when used to break blocks, just like tools with Unbreaking have a chance not to take damage. Interesting, I didn't expect this, but I guess this result makes sense.

    Tim The Enchanter or other plugins will let you "unsafely" enchant items.
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