Cannot send Resource Pack to player

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by epicfacecreeper, Jul 2, 2013.

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    I'm trying to send a resource pack to players through code. when I try it, I get nothing, not even the GUI that asks for confirmation. I do have server textures on, this is 1.6.1 dev build, and it did not even work before the update. Before the update, I would get a flash of the GUI and it wouldn't work.
    1. public static final String texturePack = "[url][/url]";
    2. player_that_just_joined.setTexturePack(texturePack);
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    Okay. Thanks. Do you know why it wasn't working before the update?
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    Setting the resource pack to a URL may not be valid - it may have to be pre-downloaded - all depends on how they implemented it. Minecraft has an option in the settings file for the standard server that can prompt people to download a texture pack upon login - but that may be the best you can do without a client side mod. It may not have worked because it may not be a valid resource pack?
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    There is no code in method which handles custom payload so it's probably deleted :/
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    Yup, the whole server resource/texture pack system is removed in 1.6
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    Just checked it twice. Server sends it the old way, but in client it's not handled. I blame Dinnerbone xD
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