Cancel PlayerInteract, PlayerClick for PlayerHead items

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Pr0Pancakes, Sep 2, 2019.

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    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could create a plugin that cancels pickup, interact, click events for ANY type of playerheads. (including those from headdatabase) I would like to give certain players permissions to use these heads and don't want them in hands of players who do not have permission. Meaning they cannot pick them up or move them into their inventory at all.

    category: bukkit
    name: any
    Version 1.14.4
    Thanks, anytime is fine!
    permissions playerheads.use /playerheads.pickup etc. (any permissions are fine really..)

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    So if I'm getting this right, you need something that requires players to have permissions to pickup, interact and click playerheads, correct?
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    Yep that's right! I'm not sure if its possible since each head has different data, right? But then I wasn't sure if it was still just player_head. Thanks for the reply and sorry for my late reply!
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    @Pr0Pancakes I do not know if the plugin still works or not as I haven't needed it in over a year, but would ModifyWorld work for this? Their GitHub page shows the most recent update as being for 1.12, which did have player heads. If it doesn't work, it shouldn't take too long to make that does this.
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