Cancel join, while running Game on different Server

Discussion in 'General Help' started by Si1lve3r, Oct 12, 2014.

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    At first, hello all here!

    In example i have two server: main, game-server
    I want:
    While the game on game-server is running, i can't join this server from main server.
    I want the "Kicked whilst connecting to game-server: "Reason"" message, that will send from Bunggecord, i'm think.
    I don't want to kick the joining player from server, because, than he is kicked from bungee server, and must connecting again.
    Many other server have this, too.
    How can i do this now? :D
    Must i code a plugin for bungee, that looks, if the server is running a game, or can i do this over bukkit?
  2. Si1lve3r You'd be better off seeking support where you acquired your server mod. :)
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    You may want to start by looking at the PlayerLoginEvent on your game server.
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    Just make on your game-server a player login or join event, and kick the player if the game is running!
    Else look at spigot, because there can you find stuff for bungeecord
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    And as AdamQpzm said correctly, ask for support where you gotten your build. BUKKIT forums are made for BUKKIT
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