Can Someone Make A Call Of Duty Zombies plugin

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by LegendOfLich, Jan 3, 2014.

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    So I tried using one but its too simple. What if the zombies dont spawn where they are suppose to? Will they? I need a plugin like Call Of MineCraft Zombies, but more advanced. For example I want their to be waves, and I want the zombies to be able to spawn at the correct locations. For example, I want them to spawn in the room area, and not around the map where the doors havent been open yet.
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    no, i bet nobody will code a whole minigame for free, and you are not allowed to pay money, so...
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    If you want to offer money, try going to spigot forums or spout forums!
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    well I only have 20 only me for, but its for hosting the server.
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    I don't think people will do this for free, and Bukkit's rules make it so you can't get paid work done on their forums.

    Try posting at and I'm sure you could find some to hire!
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  7. He is allowed to "donate" for the plugin in the form of a "pledge", like Mojang did when they were very first starting. People got rewards for pledging money. :p
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    I usually help some player code small plugins for free :) As long they are simple and fun!

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