can some one make offline to online mod plugin

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is this posible

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  1. are you a simpleton of cores its posible

  2. no its to hard and i'm a dumb ass

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    can some one make a plugin that makes a file that you can place the class and jar or zip files in and have them online for all in the server. like have a game where everyone is using the portal gun or have dragons exetra. i have been looking through the bukkit files and the server files and from what i can tell its basically the same as the mine craft jar file and should be able to allow mods to transfer over and work. please make this plugin its a good idea really..really..come on^.^. WITH PERMISSIONS OF CORES.
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    Nathan C

    I could see this as also being bad.

    Couldn't a server distribute malicious material to the client?
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    i ment that only the server owner can add mods to the online server and that they can ad perms for specific things

    and are you a simpleton they can do that with or without a plugin

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    Nathan C is right. With the current architecture of Minecraft Server and Client, the server can't read, modify, write or delete any files on the clients system, inside and outside the clients "minecraft.jar". It is therefore not possible to get any malicious material transferred to your client by connecting to a minecraft server.

    Both the server and the client need to be modified to be able to transfer/install mods "on the fly", which is afaik the idea behind "pogic". A server plugin alone can't do that.

    Clientside mods have full control over the clients computer therefore just installing mods on the client would be a security problem, if not done right (and doing it right without losing possibility to support complex things as new mobs, vehicles, game mechanics) is very difficult.
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