Solved Can people hack my computer trough a minecraft server?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Masterflapdrol, Feb 16, 2013.

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    Hello everyone!
    I've been thinking about opening a server on my computer using a DNS.
    The question i had is:
    can people hack my and my parents their computer trough me opening a port (with firewall)
    for a minecraft server.
    People connect to my server using a DNS. witch is hosted at
    Is it safe to do this?
    It might seem silly I think its safe. But my dad wants to be sure to give me his password for me to open the port. Anyone?
    P.S. I've already tryed google. But I only found people posting about players that just want to scare people. I know theese. :)
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    They can't enter your computer if the only ports you open are for Minecraft.

    Cool nickname btw :D
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    Thanks!, :)
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    Yes, I'm already doing that. Thank you.
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    Refalm, are you suggesting that if other ports are open ? then it would be possible ? If so, what port(s) ?

    Cause i have several open: one each for Bukkit, MySQL database, HTTP, FTP, a wrapper, Multicraft, Spacebukkit (i was testing them out), Neverwinter Nights, Votifier, and the FTP passives (not open atm)... Plus, a lot of people have another for Dynmap (which is pretty popular).

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    They can't hack you,but they can ddos you
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    Not afraid of ddos. our firewall has got a protection against that ;D
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    gl when they saturate the network in front of your firewall.
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    I only
    I only have a couple ports open. For Bukkit, HTTP. FTP, and mail and my dads website. Most of them can only get files in that are requested. And are protected by a firewall.

    I didn't know that. hmmm.

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    Assuming that your firewall is on your router, the firewall will block the computer from being hit, but your router/internet line will still feel the full ddos.
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    If somebody wanted to hack your computer, it would make absolutely no difference as to whether there was a bukkit server running on it or not.

    A port is just a number. Some numbers are assigned as default to specific jobs, such as port 21, 25, 80, 8080, 3306.

    Your home-connection won't get DDoSed - or should I say - is partially protected from anything like that. Your ISP will deal with it as it will affect a large amount of people, however don't be surprised if they lay the blame on you and incur some kind of charge or warning.

    You are far more likely to hit your upload speed limit and thus render your server slow and laggy and end up renting some kind of server before you get popular enough to warrant any of these concerns.
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    I didn't know that. hmmm.
    Thank you. I think I'm going to mark this post solved :)
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    Definitely MySQL is you leave it un-updated, or put all the databases on the root user.
    I sincerely hope you're being sarcastic :D
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