Can my old PC run my server?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by EC ARCTIC FIRE, Mar 15, 2014.

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    i have a bukkit server that i am currently running on my gaming pc. however i do not want it running on it because it takes away from gaming performance. i have another pc the specs are as follows.

    processor: Intel Pentium (R) dual core E5300 2.60 ghz

    6Gb ram

    Gtx 650 ti gpu

    i am not sure if the processor can handle a server with a max of 6 people and up to 15 plugins. i have tried running it before on this computer but it didnt go so well. i think that is because it has a crap load of bad viruses. ive defraged it and run a bunch of diffrent anti virus software however it did not help. if this can run the server i will most likely wipe it and get a small SSD drive.
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    It will run fine on that machine.
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    From the hardware side there should be no problem for just 6 people. A SSD would be most likely a overkill for that, too...

    However, bandwidth could be a limiting factor.

    And if you have viruses on your computer, it's too late for anti-virus software...
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı Retired Staff

    If it's no longer being used, reduce the footprint of desktop windows and put a linux server distro on it!

    But really, it should handle the handful of players fine. :)
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    I highly doubt that it is my internet since i have 60 mbs download and 13 upload. i would still like the ssd just because i can get a real small one for super cheap like a 30gb for 20 or 30 bucks. for linux i have no experience with it. i would be much more comfortable getting windows. i can get xp for free. however i am not sure if that is a good idea considering support for it is going down in like a month or two.
    thanks for the extreme quick answer :)
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    In the end the SSD wouldn't change much on the performance, as you wont hit the IO limit anyways with only 6 players.

    However, I agree with mbaxter. Rather go for a Linux distro than for XP.
    XP is pretty old and won't recive any update in the future.
    (And you would be prepared when Linux takes over the PC world! :D)
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    Yeah, Linux can be pretty advanced, but it's easy once you get the hang of it.. (was for me, atleast)
    Also with that hardware you should be able to run a 6 player server pretty smoothly.
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    Don't run the server on a wireless connection. Make sure you have a wired connection.
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    I've found a way to get my windows 7 back. ISO on flash drive.
    I will have a wired connection however I need to get another 50 foot Ethernet cable!
    The only reason I would want the ssd is for faster world loading.
    Are you saying this wouldn't work. Also could this setup handle multiverse?


    Also why do the posts have to be edited? I'm new to bukkit fourms :).
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    Everyone here is saying it will work fine for 6 players. Multiverse should be fine, too. (assuming you're running a 64-bit OS and 64-bit Java)
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    Totally agree with Bobcat00. Possibly 6-10 players could join if you increased your ram or got a better internet.

    Depending on how many worlds you create with multiverse, you might want to limit it to 3-6 worlds for your server.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks. i asked this question because multiverse was lagging on my gaming PC which is a amazing computer. i was however playing minecraft while running the server.
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    Multiverse itself shouldn't be causing any significant lag. You can set keepSpawnInMemory to false for worlds which aren't used much. Just keep in mind that any redstone devices near spawn won't be running if you set this to false.
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    Really 6GB of RAM should be enough to support ~20 people depending on how many plugins you have. The bottleneck here is DEFINATELY the CPU or bandwidth. If it's a private/small server just try it out and see what happens xD
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    yes the ram was never the problem its. the cpu. it seems to work fine now that i wiped the hard drive. it doesnt load the map as fast as i would want it too. i will probably get a ssd for it. as i stated before my internet is 60 mbs download and 13 mbs download.

    ive read 4gb of ram is enough for 100 people
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    depends on how many plugins and worlds you are running.
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    yeah every time i use world edit it has the cant keep up message but theres no lag so i assume i wont worry about it, Right?

    The SSD should help

    Would the SSD help with multiverse? i dont think the cpu can handle alot of worlds. even 2. like i said before it had the cant keep up message when i use world edit! maybe its the hard drive being lazy?

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    WorldEdit will always cause lag when you are working with large amounts of blocks.
    Only if the server laggs without someone using WE you should start to worry.

    A SSD will speed up your server, but that's only important if your server hits the IO bottleneck (and you won't do that with just 6 players). More world will most likely take up more RAM and CPU, but as chunk loading is bound to players, there shouldn't be much difference between 6 players causing chunk loads in one world or in 6 worlds.

    The CPU... I don't know how strong it actually is, but you shouldn't expect too much.
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    I have a pretty fast server, and I accidentally disconnected everyone (including myself) last night doing a big WorldEdit. Oops! :oops: So WorldEdit-caused lags are normal. If you expect to be doing this a lot, there's a plugin called AsyncWorldEdit, but I think the author removed it from BukkitDev.

    Multiverse shouldn't be causing much trouble. Two players in two different worlds isn't much different than two players in different parts of the same world. See my note above.
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    If you don't want to do any gaming on it again, then trade the 650GT for a smaller card, 2x2 gb DDR2 memory for a total of 8 gb and perhaps a quadcore CPU. Any socket 775 Core 2 Quad should work in your board. You'll save quite a bit on the power bill from changing to a smaller card for the server console.

    SSD's are nice for loading time. Not a bad place to spend some money, but as said a normal HDD is not going to be a bottleneck on a small server. And take the advice about running Linux on it. It's SO easy to make an installation and run Craftbukkit on it.
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    I get this error when i click on the run.bat


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    install java
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    i did i think ill install it again

    Thanks it worked!!
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    I have another problem. this computer loads up the maps slowly. my original plan was to get a SSD however the PC does not have SATA 3 ports. is their anything i can do to make it faster other than a new cpu because it cant get a new one.

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    Any answers?
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    If your motherboard has PCIe 2.0, you could get a PCIe x1 to SATA III card for less than $25. If you don't have PCIe 2.0, don't bother.
    If you're interested, I'm working on my own version of Multiverse, which is geared towards combating the problems you're experiencing.

    As far as everything else goes, I think all the previous posts pretty much sum it up :)
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    Hoolean Retired Staff

    As mbaxter said, installing a more stripped down OS like Linux may help with performance. With Linux, depending on how much RAM you have and how big your server is, you could setup a RAM disk solution.

    On the other hand, I do not think that the world load times are worth that if you are too unsure on Linux; the server should not be restarting too often anyways (maybe daily) :)
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    Ram is not the problem it has 6 GB which is more than enough. Bobcat how do i check for that?
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