can Java utilize CUDA?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by nala3, May 22, 2011.

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    I was reading up on Nvidia's CUDA processing. and then i started to wonder. if it can be used to solve large equations very quickly. then why couldn't Minecraft or a Minecraft server use CUDA? so basically my question is, is it possible to have Minecraft be able to utilize CUDA to aid or completely take over in the processing of Minecraft? just a thought...
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    I am working on a new AI system where I have villagers etc travelling between cities. For my purposes I am able to use CUDA for mass path checking on my roads and check if a villager has reached their checkpoint array.
    This is just an example of use that Cuda can do. The reason CUDA works for this however is because it is processing arrays of data in parallel and capable of returning data faster than what a CPU would do.

    Using jCuda is very slow for practical Minecraft AI wandering purposes from the time that it takes to send the data to the time that it receives the information back. Thus for normal Minecraft purposes I do not see this being anything good.

    • Features Minecraft Could use:
    • Calculate all mobs and AI under one roof and then process the data via GPU.
    • Generate Chunks for the world in Minecraft. (NOTE! This is only worth it when generating lots of chunks eg 2 - 4 in one go)
    • Vector Graphics

    Features that this cant be used for:
    • Single AI Entities just roaming the world.
    • 99% of things that are processed in Minecraft
    Finally I would like to state that Minecraft probably shouldn't see the enhancement of CUDA or Stream Processing. But I do believe that it is time that the source is optimized for multithreading. I am not implying that Bukkit do this just that Mojang should have thought about this when the server's were a little younger as a long term fix for problems.
    Thanks for the people originally who said it was not possible making me want to do the impossible and learning CUDA for C and Java. I appreciate doing exactly not what everyone says.
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