Can I use that instead of this?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by dainiusb, Sep 2, 2013.

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    I'm a noob in Java and I'm terrible. I just want you to answer this question: is that library that we download for plugin development is server itself? LOL
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    You mean Bukkit.jar / CraftBukkit.jar ?

    Yes, it can be used as an executable jar
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    Soo I can simply use one from my server to develop plugins for it?

    I'm confused because contents of 1.6.2R0.1 completely differs from 1.6.2R0.2

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    The code changes drastically with every version due to code obfuscation done by mojang
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    Got it. Thank You guys
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    The one you use to run your server is craftbukkit.jar, whereas the one you should reference in Eclipse (or your other IDE) that you add to your buildpath should be bukkit.jar :)
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  7. Exactly what Hoolean said. Bukkit should be used for the library unless you want to use packets and NMS stuff, but craftbukkit is used for the actual server.
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    I see, thanks ^^
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