Question Can I stop Worldguard from using PEX inheritance?

Discussion in 'General Help' started by Wynnevir, Dec 7, 2016.

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    Alrighty, so the trouble I'm having is not with the region inheritance of Worldguard, but how it seems to be working off of my PEX inheritance.

    What I want to accomplish: Protect a starter area in which only newcomers and staff can build. Deny building ability to all other ranks in between.

    What is happening: No members denied build perms to all(as it should), then I add the newcomer rank to members for the region(build allowed for the newcomers-all good). However promoting a user to any rank beyond that has them maintaining their ability to build in the region.

    What I have done: I've checked for options in both WG and PEX for a world guard related inheritance connecting them and have found none other than region inheritance which doesn't seem to be what I want as my trouble is with a singular region. I've tried denying build to nonmembers or allowing build strictly for members to no effect. I've enabled the build perm nodes in WG config and tested multiple cariants in hope of it working(including worldguard.region.starter, region.starter, group.starter).

    What DOES work is disabling my plugin inheritance and adding all perms to each group manually. However I don't want to have to add all my perms one by one to all 6 of my groups if I can help it. On top of that I'd lose ability to use the /promote command and all staff would have to use /pex user player group set group- which is just horribly inconvenient.

    Plugins and versions: (not certain if this will be helpful but just in case)
    Plugins and Versions (open)
    -coreprotect (2.13.2)
    -WorldEdit (6.1.5)
    -BlazeFly (3.2)
    -PermissionsEx (1.23.4)
    -Askyblock (
    -LockettePro (2.4)
    -AdminNotes (0.12.4)
    -TuxTwoLib (1.11 b7)
    -mcMMo (1.5.07)
    -Vault (1.5.6)
    -WorldGuard (6.2)
    -Vote (1.9)
    -sTablist (2.6.3)
    -EssentialsX, chat and spawn (2.0.1)
    -PerWorldInventory( 1.8.3)
    -Multiverse-Core( 2.5)
    -MyPet (2.2.7 snapshot)
    -HolographicDislplays( 2.2.3)
    -SignShop (2.11)

    Any ideas? I appreciate any help!
  2. @Wynnevir
    Give the ranks which are not supposed to inherit the permission a negative permission? (putting a dash infront of the permission node)
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    doesnt work I'm afraid:c that's what confuses me the most, it ignores any perms except for the parenting chain. unless I'm using the wrong nodes? I've tried -region.starter, -worlguard.region.starter and -group.starter
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