Question Can I run this server?

Discussion in 'General Help' started by BlueAvengr, Nov 10, 2016.

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    Can I run a 30 player server, with 2.6gb of ram on my pc?
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    The server uses your virtual memory, not physical. Check that first. If you don't have more than 4gb of virtual memory, don't bother. You can try, but 2.6gb would sound like a computer stabbing itself ;-;
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    @HeartandSoul I believe they mean they want to dedicate 2.6GB of RAM to the server.

    @BlueAvengr If this is the case then no, it is unlikely you would be able to run a 30 player server. Something to keep in mind though is that it is unlikely your computer could handle 30 people on it. I do not know what computer/internet you have. 2.6GB would probably support up to 20 players on vanilla, or with very lightweight plugins.
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