Can CraftBukkit generate 40Gb Upload??

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Kalahee, May 4, 2011.

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    For now few days I've set my laptop on Ubuntu to be able to run CraftBukkit server, I had a few peoples on the first days and one or two users last 4 days for few hours...

    I've looked up my bandwitdh usage : 47Gb Upload in 5 days (14Gb on first day, between 5Gb and 8Gb the other days), and I haven't used torrent stuff.

    Sadly I'm limited to 120Gb Download/Upload combined and I've used 50Gb download already. (90Gb and still 15 days left before reset)

    I had a Vanilla Minecraft Server 1.5_02 on same laptop on Windows 7 x86 and didn't get such huge usage.

    Could it be some hacker that hooked up on my wireless? I doubt it, it's closed to any access except registered MAC addresses and that hasn't been touched.

    Could it be Ubuntu? Maybe, but I haven't done anything else but install updates and run CraftBukkit.
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    minecraft (and bukkit) doesn't use nearly that much unless you have around a hundred users on at a time. My server averages about 20 users online at a time, spiking during primetime to 45 which is our limit. I cycle between 25 and 35gb a day total between rx and tx.

    with ubuntu, install vnstat and start watching that for totals, and yes, check your wireless and everything else
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    @wokka1 : I,ll have to wait for a reset before trying that cuz I'm already nearing limit. As I said, no one can wirelessly connect on my network, it's hidden (althought i know there's probably ways to find it) and I only permit specific MAC addresses, so unless they hard connect or use one of my wireless machines, I think they shouldn't be able to mess with it. As far as I can tell nothing been messed in it. For sure i,ll be closing it for a few days and see if it ain't another computer that is the culprit.

    Could having multi world even if not traveled in increase data transfered too?
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    @petteyg359 : Well for what I've been told WiFi can be hacked easily. Anyway i've just added WPA2-AES to my network. But I doubt that's the actual issue, as it is only huge upload and no massive download. I would expect both from a hacker using some torrent stuff.
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    If it's a spam bot, FTP or web traffic, it will mainly be outbound traffic. Secure your computers and check for unknown process
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    @wokka1 : I've added WAP2 AES security and noticed the actual culprit. I've looked at network connections on each computers and noticed my main had 10x more upload than it's download. I've concluded that it may have been infected by a SpamBot. Been to a tech site and paste HijackThis. I blame myself that I've forgot to enable my no-script as I navigated for some erotic pictures.
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    Minecraft in general takes a great deal of bandwidth. I suspect that usage is due to Minecraft.

    As for running vanilla, did you run it for the same length of time and had the same amount of remote users?
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    Can't really tell for vanilla as I didn't keep track but I know we used it for almost a whole day and left open all night.

    Just now, after some use and then idle on Windows 7. No server running.
    COMPUTER: sent | received - time
    MAIN PC : 41.556.746 bytes | 7.220.798 bytes - 15mn (no server in existance)
    GF PC : 57.927.660 bytes |90.152.980 bytes - 6h16mn
    LAPTOP : 16.685.726 bytes | 183.863.363 bytes - 5h53mn (Usually server)
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    If players are constantly switching between worlds, then yes, it can cause this.
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    No one ever changed world but last day as I've installed portals, but didn't last long.
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    I have 16 worlds, max players is set to 45, and during the evenings, we hit this usually. During the rest of the time, we average 25 or so. With this player count, and these worlds (1.8gb total size of all worlds), I have never used this much bandwidth. Not that it really matters, but memory usage is about 7 to 8gb with this many players, about 35 or so plugins.
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    Hum... Pando Media Booster seems to have been part of this mess. As soon I've stopped it, my activity after 15 min been 547kb | 530kb.
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