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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Ethon, Dec 10, 2019.

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    Idea: If a player sets up a campfire, he gives a buff at a certain distance. If you throw named papers into the campfire, you can give extra buffs to nearby players.
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    @Ethon Some questions:
    1. What version would you like this made for?
    2. What should the name be for this plugin?
    3. When you say "named papers", should it be a specific name? And if so, what should the name be?
    4. "extra buffs to nearby players", what should these buffs be, and what should the range be?
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    I also want this plugin, so I'm gonna guess what they mean and add some new ideas to the request.

    Plugin category: Mechanics

    Minecraft version: 1.14.4+

    Suggested name: CampfireBuff

    What I want: When a player is in a set block radius of a campfire (Default 20), the player gets a regeneration 1 buff. If the player right-clicks the fire with a named piece of paper, an extra buff will add to the campfire's radius for 60 seconds.

    Names (Same capitals):
    Night - Night Vision
    Jump - Jump Boost 1
    Speed - Speed 1
    Strength - Strength 1

    If the campfire is right-clicked with a diamond, the Regeneration should turn into Regeneration 2 for 5 seconds.

    Ideas for commands: None

    Ideas for permissions: None

    When I'd like it by: Christmas 2019
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    Here's the first version. You get a 5-second regeneration boost when 10 blocks near a campfire. I found 20 blocks excessive but in the next version I will add a variable for owners to be able to change. Also on the next version I will add the rest of the things you wanted as I am a bit busy right now.
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    I didn't find any Event to check for Blocks near you, maybe there's but until that, I'll let the plugin I've created.
    Basically it does the same thing you said, without the regeneration being set everytime players are in radius of campfire.
    If you right click with PAPER and names:
    - "Night - Night Vision";
    - "Jump - Jump Boost 1";
    - "Speed - Speed 1";
    - "Strength - Strength 1";
    and... with the DIAMOND you can enable REGENERATION too.

    It will enable the potion effects for radius X blocks (set from config.yml) and for X seconds duration (set from config.yml).

    For any problems, contact me!

    Download plugin here:

    Have fun with the plugin!
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    There's none; how would that work? You can just check for the blocks when the player moves, or when a block is placed.
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    It works perfectly, but I might have been a little vague with my paper naming chart. I meant that if you named it "Night" you would get night vision, "Jump" for jump boost 1, and so on. Could you change that please?
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    Hold on, I will reply again to this thread once I did the edit of the plugin!


    I've updated it as you said.
    Download it again:
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