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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Probdutch, Apr 9, 2017.

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  1. Plugin category: Mechanic

    Minecraft version: Latest (1.11.2, but i would like it to be compatible with the future 1.12)

    Suggested name: CameraAccounts

    What I want:
    Ok, i'll try my best to make it clear what im looking for;
    Bassicly i have an server, where players want to use camera accounts. These accounts should be in gamemode adventure, they be able to fly and not break blocks/ execute commands/ pick up items. Also they cant be more then 5 chunks away from the main account. (i would like this distance to be configuable in the config file.)

    The combination between the main account, and the "camera" account is stored in an MySql database.
    here an little example:
    View attachment 29327
    There are more rows in with info like email, and if the account is accpeted. The whitelisting is all done by another plugin, so thats not needed.

    What the plugin should bassicly do:
    When a player logs in, search for the uuid in the Database, and check the value of isAlt
    If isAlt=0 , do nothing.
    If isAlt=1 , Check if the uuid in mainAccount is online. If not, kick the player with an customizable message in the config file.
    If the mainAccount is online, teleport the "camera" account to that player. Then start checking every few seconds (something like 3, would like this configurable) the distance between the MainAccount and the Camera one (it would be usefull to have the combination cached in ram here), if its more then the customizable distance, bounce the camera one a bit closer to the main one. Also, if the main account goes offline. Kick the camera one.
    I would like the sql commands to be configuable in the config file.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: Not really needed

    When I'd like it by: I don't have a specific time limit.

    Anyways, I hope i was clear enough with this. if not, just ask for more info here. Thanks for reading it (And possibly helping me out a ton) :D
    - Probdutch


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  3. Thanks, it seems to work pretty good, only there are a few issues :(
    The message does get put in chat properly (the one that the camera one is too far.) but that account does not get teleported. Also the chat blocking doesnt work.
    And 1 little more request, Can you make these camera ones in god mode?
    also, it would be awesome if you can disable chest opening.

    These are my plugins:
    CoreProtect, dynmap, WorldEdit, GUIRulesReloaded, JoinCommands, DiscordMC, SinglePlayerSleep, BuycraftX, Votifier, BanManager, Multiverse-Core, WorldGuard, ProtocolLib, NoCheatPlus, MentionNotifier, CameraAccount, EasySlimeChunkLocator, HeadDrops, PermissionsEx, InveRestore, Stats, Whitelist, SimpleAPI, GAListener, Vault, ChairStairs, ThunderDeath, GriefPrevention, PlayerDeathLocation, Orebfuscator4, Essentials, SimpleParticles, HolographicDisplays, GriefPreventionDynmap, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsGeoIP, EssentialsChat, EssentialsAntiBuild, SuperVanish, EssentialsSpawn
    And i also noticed that it sometimes doesnt work in the nether/ other worlds.

    Thank you so much :D
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    @Probdutch My mistake for the teleport. iI check the location but forgot to teleport.

    I updated the first link.
    I also removed block placing.

    did you know all the features u request, it's like the game spectator ? the only difference here it's spectators are visibles.
  5. Yes, sorry for that. Its basicly specator, but they cant go underground. and are bound to a player, so they cant go and explore the map further.

    Thanks for helping me. I am testing it in a few moments.

    The teleportation works, and the chest opening too, Nice. only enderchests and shulker boxes wont. Maybe disable the use/ right clicking stuff. Regarding too all this, it might be better too keep the current system. But move the players to spectator mode, and deny them from going inside of blocks. Whatever you feel is easyest.
    Again, Many many thanks for helping me :)

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    this was the initial request. You have to be a bit more specific when u do a request. We can't guess what you want.

    I updated the main link. And i added a variable for hidde the player. You will have to add it to config.yml or delete the config for recreate it.
    Tell me if something goes wrong again.
  7. @Caderape2
    Yep, sorry. I didn't really think out the idea 100% to that regards.
    I am editing my main question in a few mins.
    Anyways, with the latest commit there are some strange tab- list issues. If an new player joins he/ she doesnt show on tab (well, only for half a second), but if you relog, that account does get displayed on tab.
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    @Probdutch yea i noticed, i did shit. If you turn hiddePlayer to true, it hidde every new player.
    I will modifiy it tomorrow
  9. @Caderape2 No problem, i already turned it off. Then there dont seem to be any problems :D
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    @Probdutch Okay, i updated the main link.
    That should hide a spectator when he joins, and hide all spectators to a player when he joins.
  11. It seems like this plugin is fully working,
    The only tiny polishment that could be made, is denying access to enitiys,
    If that is possible, i think the plugin is done :)

    edit: not really neccesairy; if you dont want to do it, dont't. It would help supressing login messages, and (possibly) adding commands to be executed from the console when a player logs in, with varable %player% or something.
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    What do you mean ? spectator can't pick up and drop items ?
  13. Little misspelling, entity's.
    Like hopping in minecarts/ killing animals
  14. @Caderape2 Is there any way you can still make it so an console command gets executed on login of an camera one (with playername variable)

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    Yo, weird, i dun receive your tag.
    yep i can add the command on login and supress the login message for spectators.

    I updated the main link.

    you will have to add this variable to your config.

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  16. Thanks, that allowed me to make the plugin work with others together :)
    i bassicly made an alias to god the player and set his pex groups to a spectator group. Having the permission -modifyworld.* to deny almost everything.

    Thanks =)
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