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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by just_tim123, Jun 1, 2019.

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    Hey guys,

    I took a long break from minecraft (played in 2011, love those beta days with Notch) and have decided to make a return but only in Plugin development. I have pretty solid Java knowledge and would like to assemble a team of volunteer developers (new or experienced) to help develop and test plugins. If you are interested in this , please reply with:
    1. Your name (first is fine)
    2. Knowledge of Java (Language basics, OOP concepts, collections framework)
    3. When you first started playing MC
    4. Are you willing to work in a team to develop plugins?

    Thank You
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    @just_tim123 Why would you need a team?
    What kind of things do you want to make?
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    So that we can all collaborate to make something
    Anything tbh, the idea is to learn as well as have fun. Pretty much anything is possible because of the hard work the Bukkit devs put in.
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Most developers on here like work solo as far as I know.
    Multiple reasons (at least from my point of view):
    • Every developer has his / hers personal style. My coding will probably be very different from yours.
    • Timezones. I have people to communicate with half way around the world. That means that working together and discussing about things takes days instead of a couple seconds when you can do everything yourself.
    • Code sharing. Git merge conflicts are no fun.
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    Let's let other people decide. If they're Interested, they'll reply. Even if I can get a group of testers , that'll be great. Also pretty much every work environment encourages teamwork and use of tools like git and svn

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    @just_tim123 that sounds interesting!
    I don't think I would be able to apply though, as I've barely got any spare time because of school. This summer I'll also have a job, so that ain't helping.
    You do sound like a great leader with patience who master the art of encouragement, so I wish you good luck on the road to gather a team!
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    1. Your name (first is fine)
    2. Knowledge of Java (Language basics, OOP concepts, collections framework)
    I'm studying Applied Informatics for 2 years now.
    I know the basics of Java. In almost every project I have been working with OOP concept.
    I have some experience with collections framework as well.
    3. When you first started playing MC
    Around 2010.
    4. Are you willing to work in a team to develop plugins?
    Yes for sure, I don't have a lot experience with developping plugins, I'm really a beginner in this thing. I'm looking for someone who can "manage" me in the right direction for creating plugins. If it's working in a team to develop plugins, that's fine for me :)
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    I most likely won't be around that often to test/develop, but I'll try to help when I can:
    1. My name is [REDACTED] (lol)
    2. I've been making plugins since 2014, and have complete knowledge of the basics.
    3. I must have started around 2012, sometime after 1.0 was released.
    4. Yes. That's why I'm posting here, I guess.
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    Great! Thanks for replying guys! I absolutely welcome beginners and of course experienced devs. I only started about a week ago but have played during beta days. You can contribute whenever you have the time :) I am completely flexible in that regard. The idea is to create a small collaborative environment!
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    1. Dawson
    2. I have been coding plugins for 3 years, I have very basic knowledge of Java outside of bukkit/spigot.
    3. 2012
    4. Yes.
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    Now, almost a month later, i am curious what y'all made.
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