Buying Permissions With Commands

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    Plugin category: RANK

    Suggested name: PermBuyC

    What I want: I'd like players to be able to use a command and buy a permission with a simple command. I'd like there to be a config file so that I can configure prices... Here's an example of a config:
    Mobs and Permissions
    # Ability-<Name of Sign> (case sensitive)
    # permission: <group/ALL>
    # permissionNode: permission node to give to the player when the sign is purchased
    # Add multiply permissions to one sign by adding ',' after each permission as seen in 'DPack'
      permission: All
      permissionNode: kingkits.kits.Slimeman, kingkits.kits.Brewer
      permission: All
      permissionNode: kingkits.kits.Nightcrawler, kingkits.kits.Yet, kingkits.kits.Acrobat
      permission: All
      permissionNode: kingkits.kits.Speedster, kingkits.kits.Angel, kingkits.kits.Jumper
      permission: All
      permissionNode: kingkits.kits.Destroyer
    (Config From PermBuy Plugin)
    Something like that. But they need to have the previous rank before they get the next one.

    Ideas for commands: /pbuy <perm> (ex: /pbuy essentials.msg), /pbuy reload (reloads config)

    Ideas for permissions: pbuy.perm (Allows Player To Buy a Permission), pbuy.reload (Allows Operators To Reload Configurations.)

    When I'd like it by: A week or less.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    iWillis CommandSigns might be easier for this.
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    timtower I need commands because I need to put that into a hologram, and I can't put the sign layout into a hologram.
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    iWillis Buy it with what? How much? Any permission? etc. please be more precise.
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    au2001 Updated, please take another look. This is from another plugin, but you have to use signs with this one. I want one that doesn't require any signs, please. If you could make this it would be greatly appreciated.
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    iWillis Hmmm might be doing it but I'm really not sure if I would have time :/
    But wouldn't that config fit more the plugin?
    # Config File
    # The message when a player buys a permission
    broadcast: &9[PBuy] &3{PLAYER} bought the permission &7{PERMISSION}
        cost: 200
        permission: Essentials.home.setmultiple
        cost: 500
        cost: 2000
        permission: Essentials.home.cooldown.bypass
        cost: 5000
        permission: Essentials.warps.premium
    I think this one would be more adapted to this plugin
    So you have to buy 1 to buy 2 and buy 2 to buy 3 etc.
    And the command would be "/pbuy Essentials.home.setmultiple"
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    au2001 I think that looks great! If you could do this I don't know how hard it could be considering I'm only a server owner not a developer. If you have the time it would be greatly appreciated if you could make it.
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    It may be easier to install Essentials and CommandSigns, and then use Essentials currency and run all of your commands with CommandSigns. You could subtract money from Essentials, and use your perms plugin to add the permission to the player.

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