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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by FPS_Squad, Aug 8, 2013.

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    Hello i was wondering if it's possible to enable so when someone buy something on my buycraft and the command i have set to the package is getting executed without the player need to be logged in.
    i mean when the player buys the package the command is being executed without the player needs to be logged in. hope someone will help and sorry for my bad english :)

    - FPS_Squad
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    What your saying is that you wish the package could be handed to them when their not logged in, but you just said that your buycraft gives them the package when they aren't logged in.


    Use enjin dude. Its much simplier and it can do the same job. Its also free. No monthly crap.

  3. You can disable this option when creating/editing a package. There is a checkbox for "Require the user to be online".
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    No, you gotta buy the package it self, but the thing is way better than buycraft if you want to spend over 30 dollars buying buycraft for each month.
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    with the free enjin shop and the free version of buycraft you dont get very many options to put on your server. i think with free enjin store u get what, 2? buycraft same thing? i use both on my server both free both do the same thing just have the advantage of using both for each of their free packages.
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    When setting up a package on buycraft there is a option to make the command executable while the player is offline,
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