Buycraft alternative?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by fussionzz97, Aug 1, 2012.

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    Out of curiosity, why do you want an alternative? lmc works hard on it and does a good job D:
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    I Know that I want an alternative because of premium plans. I barely have enough money to pay for the server month to month, let alone an additional $30 for a premium plan.
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    I doubt you will find anything of equal quality for free.
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    Same as J0$h i cant afford it at the moment.
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    I think if you don't get enough donations to cover the small once off fee for buycraft you probably don't need an automated system. :p

    I have been using buycraft for a few months now. It is absolutely fantastic and well worth the money. Definitely give it a try when you get the money.
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    I know I won't. I like BuyCraft, I just wish I could afford their premium services.
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    Like i said i cant afford it at the moment i will certainly purchase it when i get donations im still creating my server..
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    FNG Nation

    Yeah didn't they just recently switch to a non-one time payment? Don't they expire now? Damn shame for new people. I hopped on a long time ago.
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    Would you rather the people hosting Burcraft go broke trying to run it? Also, nice necro :)
  13. Im sorry you feel this way, quoting your second point, we havent ever tricked customers into moving to a subscription, im unsure where you found this information. We did send out an email asking people to move over, and some people clicked the link while not being sure of what it did (This was our fault). We were and still are more than happy to give them back their lifetime if payment proof is provided.

    Edit: Another point is that we still do release features for Lifetime members, over 20 in the last 2 months in fact. We still offer customer support, and the only thing we have removed are the bigger features that were released after Lifetime Premium was purchased.

    I can't talk in depth over this due to Bukkit rules, however our customer support team will be more than happy to talk to you over this issue.
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    While I'm happy you do, you have no reason to explain yourself. Your plugin is unimaginably helpful. ($60/year is perfect though)
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    If you have a enjin site they have just added a minecraft shop which works like buycraft a little
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  16. Sorry for off-topic.....

    lmc Is there ever a chance buycraft could end up on github? I would love to see that sexyness.
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    Yeah so everyone can make their own business.
  18. The plugin is on Github, however the web interface isnt.

    Take a look around you, most larger Minecraft servers are a business, its not just us/Buycraft.
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    The Enjin shopping system works great for me.
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  20. You know me Carter. I am going to create my own company, it will sell buycraft alternative and I shall call it sellcraft.
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    Out of curiosity, what do you use to host the buycraft website? I can't imagine operating costs would be very high.
  22. is run on a 1.0 ghz single core celeron with 256mb of ram :)
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    That explains everything.
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    Bare essentials* = Maximize profits
    *(Unless you're trolling)
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    Obvious troll is obvious.
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    try paycraft! Like buycraft, except 100% free, just a little more simple. Free becuase a server host made it for their customers but anyone can sign up.
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    I agree
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    Personal experience.
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