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    This is a plugin that allows player to buy simple commands with items or currency using enconomy.

    Plugin name: CommandPayment - Pay4Commands - Paycmd

    /CmdShop (Shows the list over the commands a player can buy)
    /fly on (Sets flymod for # seconds)
    /day on (Turn the time to day)
    /night on (Turn the time to night)
    And so on....

    Paycmd.admin (Access to everything)
    Paycmd.command (Access to buy commands)

    What command a player can buy and the cost:
    - fly 10
    - day 20

    ** If no, the plugin will be using enconomy **
    Should the plugin be using items for payment: true

    Item the plugin will be using: GOLD_INGOT

    How long in seconds should the command be runned: 300

    Prefix: '[Paycmd] '
    Suffix: ''
    Payment succsessfully bought: 'Succsessfully bought [command] for [time] seconds'
    Payment error: 'Can't buy command. You don't have enough [item/currency]'
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    Hello im the Author from Pay4Commands. It existed since two years, It's called Pay4Commands.

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