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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Creeper674, Sep 25, 2014.

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    Hello all!

    I am creating a store like that of essentials, but instead it uses a points system I created as the economy.

    However, I am stuck on how to go about doing this. My intention is to have a sign which looks like this:
    23:1 (Item Id)
    64 (Amount)
    35 (Cost in points)

    Here is a bit of the code, and well it's not the best I've ever written.

    1. @EventHandler
    2. public void onSign(PlayerInteractEvent event) {
    3. Player p = event.getPlayer();
    4. Block clicked = event.getClickedBlock();
    5. if (!(event.getAction() == Action.RIGHT_CLICK_BLOCK)) return;
    6. if (clicked.getState() instanceof Sign) {
    7. Sign s = (Sign) event.getClickedBlock().getState();
    8. int itemid = Integer.parseInt(s.getLine(1));
    9. if (s.getLine(0).equalsIgnoreCase("<Buy>")) {
    10. if (!(s.getLine(1).equals(null))) {
    11. p.getInventory().setItem(0, new ItemStack());
    12. }
    13. } else if (s.getLine(0).equalsIgnoreCase("<Sell>")) {
    15. }
    16. }
    17. }

    This is incomplete and messy, I know, but if you could answer these questions that'd be great.

    1) How do I get the setItem() to get the ID on line1 of the sign to give that item to the player?

    2) How would I add things to a players inventory without overriding a full slot?

    Any help appreciated, thanks!
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    1) item.getTypeId() returns item`s id.
    2) p.getInventory().addItem(ItemStack is); will add a new item only if the inventory has room. :)
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    CoolGuy2001 or anyone else,

    Thanks for that, however I need a bit of help with how I structure the code. My process so far is:

    1) Parse the second line as an integer called 'itemid'
    2) Make a new object of an item 'ItemStack item;'

    I want to give the player the item, and I want item to be the material which has been specified in itemid on the sign. I've literally confused myself with this, and need some new thinking. Thanks for all the help!
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    Creeper674 Material.getById(itemid); Its deprecated but you'll live.
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    Also when you are adding the item in the original code, define the itemstack like so:

    p.getInventory().addItem(new ItemStack(Material.STONE, 1));
    That would add 1 stone!

    Also use:
    This will get the ID from the sign and use it as an integer!

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    Thank you very much CoolGuy2001 and d3v1n302418 for the help, however I have one more issue.

    When I set up a sign which is an item, not a block it returns a null pointer exception because it wants a itemstack and gets a material. Anyway I can fix this?
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    Any help would be appreciated this the problem above! ^
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    If I understand what you are trying to say correctly, you should be creating a new ItemStack from the ID.
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    To get the item on the signs second line, I use
    1. int id = Integer.parseInt(s.getLine(1));
    2. Material item = Material.getMaterial(id);

    and then to give them the item I use
    1. p.getInventory().addItem(new ItemStack(item, amount));

    So I think I am creatinga new ItemStack, yet any item I try to buy which is not a block returns a null pointer exception.
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