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    Minecraft Version: 1.11.2

    Use: Clicking a button could set certain blocks to air, then undo it 5 seconds after

    permission: oped players
    - /button setdelay <time> | Time before blocks are removed
    - /button setcooldown <time> | Time before next use
    - /button setblocks [WorldEdit Selection]

    oncooldown: &9Button> &fYou must wait &a%seconds seconds&7 before clicking this again!
    crouchbreak: &9Button> &fYou must be crouching to break this button!
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    You can actually achieve this using command blocks and the command 'setblock'
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    Depending on your space available for build, you could use the Command Block as MrGeneralQ suggested, with a redstone repeater/clock to activate the second command block to run the unset command.


    In no means am I am expert at redstone/command blocks, so please do not judge. In my research this is as simple as I could get it. This is using vanilla Minecraft, depending on what mods, etc. you have it may differ.


    Link to world: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/setblock-button-command-with-5-second-delay/


    Also added design to have a longer delay that really saves on space, however is not quite as accurate.


    Download link is the same.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @hole896 @MrGeneralQ Would get tricky with an entire worldedit selection though.
    Not to mention that it could take a lot of space if the time would increase to 30 seconds.
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    Doesn't take up much more space than original. It is simple enough to use a hopper timer, as I have updated the world and added one in for 30 seconds as an example.

    Worldedit would be fairly simple as well, however that would require another plugin, and the current design is vanilla. I will design another for that purpose.
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    there is a command to set 2 coords. I think it is called cuboid. And for The timing you can indeed use a hopper and a counter scoreboard for that. The entire setup can be 2 x2 square.
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    I don't believe there is a command to set 2 coords. I know you can use //pos1 x y z & //pos2 x y z - and I have looked up the single command but have not found it, if there is such a command could you please share it in it's entirety so that we may use that command.

    My only reason for not using scoreboard is that it spams the player with messages, I'm sure there's a way to turn it off, however I was going for the most basic design I could.

    Just realized OP asked for a Worldedit "button" and not a setblock...
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    I just found it

    And for the scoreboard just create the dummy object and set it to the player. Don't set any slots or display.

    Hope this helps
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    @MrGeneralQ @hole896 Yes, I do realize this is possible with command blocks, I just want to stray away from the use of command blocks on my server
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