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Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by nverdier, Jan 5, 2015.

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    I report fast bumps a lot, and sometimes they are fast bumps from the last post, but not the last post from the original poster. @bwfcwalshy tells me that he bases it off of the latest post from anyone, not just the OP, while @eyamaz says
    I think that this should be clarified in the rules. It should be based off of the latest post IMO, because no matter who posted it, the thread was still bumped, but should only be bumped every 24 hours.
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    Clarification: The only post other than the OP was from a moderator stating that they moved the post to the proper section. I chose not to penalizing a person with a fast bump warning because of this as they still waited 24hrs from their OP. Has zero to do with a rules clarification and is a moderation judgement call.

    As far as it is concerned, a bump happens from the last post. Judgement calls are made on circumstances that we consider need made.
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    @eyamaz So basically any post bumps it unless it was by a moderator/admin saying they moved it or something of the sorts?
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    Don't read to deeply into that. Any posts bumps it, I chose to ignore the fact that it was a bump because the ONLY post on it was from a moderator saying they moved it. Once again, a judgement call on my own and not a status quo. Zeldo may have very well just deleted the post and Jaded could have deleted and gave a warning. Judgement calls are gray, at best, but the person making the call is the one held responsible for their call.

    By all means if you see them, report them. Just remember it is up to us to decide the HOW of how the report is dealt with and the person who handles the report to do so in a manner that they take responsibility for.
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    Thats good information. I thought it was from YOUR last post!
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