bukmake - automate the repetitive tasks of making a plugin!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Forairan, Oct 22, 2011.

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    I create several different plugins to do several different things, and taking the time to set up a main class and associated listeners is just repetitive work. To automate that, I've created bukmake (the name was completely random...). bukmake is a web utility that takes several input parameters, and supplies output as a zip file with all options requested inside.


    I'm open to suggestions, and still working on this ;)
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  2. Really nice! You forgot commands though :)
    You could create a seperate sections for commands and listeners, for example letting you create a commandexecutor with x name, and a listener with x events registered
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    • Commands (in plugin yml + set up command method)
    • Permissions (in plugin.yml)
    • Pretty much any other value in the plugin.yml
  4. Oh yea! Permissions for sure....
    Maybe for commands include if sender needs to be player, and if sender needs to have permission
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    This also belongs in Bukkit Tools so it can get more attention. @Cogito
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    I think the OP can move the thread themselves if they want to. If not I can move it for them, but typically that is done by reporting the thread and asking for it to be moved. @Forairan feel free to do this if you want the thread moved.
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    Fair enough
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    Nice. Add Maven support?
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    That's on my todo list, <3 Maven :D
    I'll consider that.
    Permissions support is also on my todo list (for SuperPerms anyways, really don't plan on implementing Permissions 2.x/3.x support as it's old and outdated).
    Also on my todo list - I just need to implement a prettier way to organize options on the page.
  11. Everything here looks great!
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    Moved On Request.
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    Going to be working on bukmake more this weekend. Sorry for the delay - my internet has been really spotty lately and I have a lot going on today and tommorrow.
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