Util BukkitDev Plugin Version Info Fetcher. [REQUIRES] JSOUP-1.11.3

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  1. This Util reads data from the website BukkitDev and returns the data from every version.
    It is a very usefull util to check if there are any updates and give data to the user which version it is and what kind of release type, ect.

    Important: This Util requires JSOUP-1.11.3 Library
    You can download this library and follow these instructions to use it as buildpath Tutorial - Use external library(s) with your plugin

    Util Source: BukkitSiteUtil.java
    Bukkit Version: Bukkit-1.12+
    : JSOUP.jar <- download link

    Version Data:
    • releasetype //e.g release
    • downloads //e.g 732,264
    • bukkit_version //1.12
    • file_size //1.68 MB
    • upload_date //e.g 08 5 2017 09:06:45 (PDT) (UTC-7:00)
    • upload_date_timestamp //e.g 1501949205
    • upload_data_formatted //e.g Aug 5, 2017
    • download_url //e.g https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/worldedit/files/2460562/download
    • display_name //e.g WorldEdit (up to MC 1.12.1)
    • file_name //e.g WorldEdit (up to MC 1.12.1)
    • file_id //e.g 31043
    • getVersions(callback, projectname, plugin)
    • getVersions(callback, projectname, plugin, page)
    • Get BukkitVersion in JSON format. //e.g
      "BukkitVersion": {
      "releasetype": "Release",
      "downloads": "732,279",
      "bukkit_version": "1.12",
      "bukkit_versions": "[1.12, 1.11, 1.10]",
      "file_size": "1.65 MB",
      "upload_date": "08 5 2017 09:06:45 (PDT) (UTC-7:00)",
      "upload_date_formatted": "Aug 5, 2017",
      "upload_date_timestamp": "1501949205",
      "download_url": "https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/worldedit/files/2460562/download",
      "display_name": "WorldEdit (up to MC 1.12.1)",
      "file_name": "WorldEdit (up to MC 1.12.1)",
      "file_id": "31043"
    • Get BukkitVersion as Fancy String.
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    Somebody showing of their knowledge huh? XD You are rather new in this forum but your content is kinda advanced. Why did you decide to share your experiences right now?
  3. I understand confusion. The fact is that I'm not new at this forum, a couple weeks ago I created a brand new account because I thought it better that I omitted my old accounts and started a totally new account with a fresh start.
    and sharing my experiences is because I really enjoy helping others and providing information that is or is not there now.
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