BukkitDev Approvals - Yeah, we're annoyed. [Closed and Old]

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Are you annoyed?

  1. Nope. Are you crazy?

  2. Oh yes, it's taken me 4ever.

  3. Sorta, I've noticed a susbstantial time lengthening.

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    Hello, I made this thread to speak on behalf of the active Bukkit developers:

    Many plugins have been uploaded lately and not been approved. Here's an example:

    I uploaded 2 plugins a couple days ago, both with files. 1 of the projects got approved, but not its file. The other project hadn't been touched at all. Now, like others, I get comments like, "Download?!". Not only am I fairly annoyed, but so are server administrators. I understood when they weren't approved on the weekend, but it's been another day now. It says the project will be reviewed, quote "any minute now", but it's been a couple days, and what about the releases? Is something slowing this all down?

    Sorry if I send pesky, but I really don't want to wait very long. I got all excited, as these are my first 2 plugins, and I have more planned. I see that other plugins are (or at least were) getting approved, as well as their new releases.

    Thanks, and sorry if I'm being overly annoying,
    Build_, or Larsima.

    My plugins: [Away] and [Eat].
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    lol768 Retired Staff

    Please be patient. Projects are files are reviewed in the order they are submitted and it could take a number of days for them to be approved. It's worth keeping in mind projects and files are reviewed separately to each other. Also, files only enter the queue once the project has been approved.
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    lol768: But wouldn't it make sense to check the first file (if available) with the plugin to just get it done all at once? Thanks for the reply too.


    Also, here's a suggestion: add a queue viewer so people can see how long it'll take until they're plugin will be checked. I know it's not simple, but it's something to consider.

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    Give the Bukkit Dev Staff some time, they do a lot of work to make sure that all plugins on dev.bukkit is safe for servers to use. They aren't getting paid for this job and there are hundreds of other plugin developers going through the same process. I submitted a plugin with a file last night, all we can do is let them do their job and get to it when they can.

    Although a queue viewer would be interesting to see with an average estimate of how long it takes for it to get approved.
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    lol768 Retired Staff

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    lol768 , thanks! Glad to see other people have the same idea. I didn't think that simply displaying the queue number was a terrible idea.
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    If I had a penny for every time a thread like this was posted, I would be richer than the United States is in debt.
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    Build_and_Break Please keep in mind, all BukkitDev Staff are volunteers and have to do a lot more things than reviewing your plugins everyday. Please be patient.
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    Sorry, Niknea and Jake6177 as it's been a while since I reloaded this. I'm closing it as the BukkitDev staff seem to be doing much better, and I take back my complaints.
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    actually it has taken ages... i've got 3 plugins been sitting in queue waiting for approval for days, one has been over a week now i believe. if they need more staff then its time to reach out for more help. Heck i submitted a application and havent' heard back yet.
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    moose517 , I wouldn't expect anything on weekends:
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    You're not speaking on my behalf.
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    My gosh people. <sarcasm>Why don't you join the BukkitDev staff and show them all how it's done then? I'm sure you know exactly how much time it takes! Yeah! Then you can get verbally harassed by the users your VOLUNTEERING for about how long it takes you to do the job you are VOLUNTEERING to do. Yeah, great idea. So much fun.</sarcasm>
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    Jake6177 They are not supposed to volunteer if they don't have enough free time though.
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    The point is, they're volunteering.
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    TnT Retired Staff

    I know getting approvals done quickly is very near to all your hearts. I would love to say we'll get everything handled asap, but its going to take a bit of time.

    Every month more projects get submitted. More projects means more files, and we do our best to check them to ensure the community is provided a safe place to find their plugins. It takes skill, and a great many volunteer hours.

    Personally, I think our team is doing a great job considering they are all volunteers doing this entirely to help the community.

    If you want to help us get through these slow times, please keep only one file pending approval at a time (don't upload v1, then v1.1, v1.2, v1.3 before v1 gets approved). You can always delete a file yourself as well, so feel free to upload like crazy, but remove the older versions please. If you wish to retain your place in the queue, I suggest utilizing the amazing powers of social coding and see if Plugin Development can help you optimize your code before your next release. If you upload a project, have a good read through our BukkitDev Project Submission Guidelines to make sure your project is ready to go. You get a better project and code, and it makes it a bit easier on us.

    Thank you for your patience and continued support.
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    I don't either which is why it didn't bother me when the one didn't get approved last weekend, i gave them the benefit of the doubt but its now the following weekend and still nothing. One of the plugins i uploaded last weekend i deleted a few days later as i already had an update to it and uploaded and still nothing.
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    TnT , well said. I meant to lock this post, could you do so please?
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