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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by MonsieurApple, Feb 24, 2011.

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    Edit the settings in config.php, mysqldump the existing settings, then import then into the new remote host.
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    You're a genious, gave me plenty of ideas to optimize my server too!

    If anyone had troubles like me with the start/stop server try upgrading your PHP!
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    What version were you at and are you at now?
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    I was mistakenly at 5.1 and with a simple tutorial (tutorial is for CentOS 5), I am at 5.3 :D.
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    I'm glad its working for you. Wish I could say the say for everyone else.
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    Hey MonsieurApple,

    BukkitAdmin looks like an incredible minecraft tool; I just wish you're installation guide wasn't so brief. I have my own server and I would love to manage it with your software. It's just that I have no idea where to begin.

    I don't know what or how to install any of those required packages nor do I know if I already have them.

    I am running a server using the latest version of ubuntu (desktop version for GUI purposes). Is there any way you could so kindly add a tutorial to your post. If that is too much trouble, would you consider giving me some advice or point me in the right direction. I would gladly pay for something that is useful to me - even if it is 10 dollars!! Something this complex is worth it's total binary sum in gold!!

    I was just starting to think that I got this whole minecraft administration thing. All the forwarding of ports and installing linux wasn't too dificult. I even got DynMap installed in the right folder.

    This entire thread makes me feel like a noob :(

    Thanks and best regards.
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    I got a slight problem. When I try to run my server through BukktiAdmin. The server starts with Java starting up in the background but no one can connect.
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    Run php -v, make sure its atleast 5.
    D0wnload the latest version.
    Put it in your www directory and navigate to /install/
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    I need help with starting my server. Everything works now but when people try to join, they cannot. The error is usally Time Out or End of Stream.
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    Okay I got php 5.3

    Can you explain the last two steps a little bit more in depth. Download the latest version of BukkitAdmin?

    Where is my www directory? Any tips / advice?
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    Download in the original post.

    I don't know where your www directory is. Its dependant on your OS.
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    Ubuntu Desktop 10.10 Maverick (as stated in the original post). What is the www directory? I don't even know what it is or its function, let alone where it is.
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    Sounds odd, but everytime i try to install it, it gives me 500 error after 3'rd step. I'm suposed to wait during step 3, or that's just something wrong with my server?
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    The www folder is your webserver folder, for example, if you put a index.html in it, when you open http://<yourip> it will show that index file.
    You need a webserver installed if you dont have one, here is a good guide : http://library.linode.com/lamp-guides/ubuntu-10.10-maverick/
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    Ohhhh awesome. Thank you so much for that guide. <3 <3 I will let you know if I have any questions. When i'm finished I will definitely send some cash your way. good luck in school
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    No problem :)
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    I canĀ“t get it to work.. I only get blank page when i try to load the script.

    My server is a centos server running the laste version af mysql, and apache2
    • Safe mode is off
    • Exec is enabled
    • All files are chmod to 777
    Any help will be nice
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    Only a white page
  19. Any idea why I'm getting this? Do we need to use Apache, or can we use lighttpd?
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    For the most part, development has been discontinued. I can not keep up with this with school and work, so development has for now stopped. It may resume later when I have more free time to dedicate to it. There are plenty of other panels out there for now.
    Also, I'm considering open-sourcing it so maybe others could help out... thoughts/ideas?
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    Thanks ;)
    Anyway pm me I would like to help you on your development.
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    Open-sourcing this would be superb.
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    I agree. Get it on github so we can expand and fork it :)
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    Please release the source, prefered under GNU GPL 2.0+
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    Nah, I'd probably rewrite it in ruby if I did open source it.
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    nick fryman

    I don't understand your logic ? A re-write in ruby would determine whether it is open source or not ?

    It's a great project, but one you don't have time to maintain. There has been a big response from the community for you to release it as open source, so why don't you !

    I for one would be forever greatful if you did :)
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