Bukkit World spawns with no Vanilla structures

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by MasterPilot, Jul 23, 2020.

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    1.16.1 Bukkit Server:
    When i make a world using the Bukkit#Worldcreator:

    The world does not have any vanilla structures even if i explicitly tell it to:

    Only other thing i change is:

    And for some reason
    returns false...

    I have also looked into the server settings, and found that all the
    generate-structures lines are set to true.

    How do i make Bukkit generate Structures?
    Thanks for any replys.
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    OK so after further testing iam thinking it may have something to do with the server iam using. Iam using a Niterado server, if anyone also uses one would be nice to know if you had/have the same problem.
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    Welp I have been really trying to get this to work, because I badly need this function. But even when making worlds with the multiverse plugin they are without structures, I have checked all the configs in the server directory but there are no settings off in there. I don't understand thoe why even multiverse is not able to generate structures. Does anyone atleast have a suggestion I could try?

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