Bukkit will help mojang with mod API?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by matejdro, Dec 2, 2011.

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    So, bukkit team will help Mojang with mod API. Could that mean that bukkit will be integrated into minecraft as official server API?
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    Bukkit being the official server API would be great. Doubt that it will happen though.
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    Interesting to see they are consulting the guys who do Forge (I think its SpaceToad, Alblakka and Eloraam that do that) and the MCP folks. They know best via API's and Minecraft.

    But, not Spout. What will that mean for Spout development in the future? Will they have to re-build themselves up around the 'official' API setup?
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    Having a central api such as Bukkit would be nice, and takes a huge load of work off of Mojang. Some collaboration between the two would benefit everybody.
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    What would be awesome would be to add the Bukkit API to the official minecraft server program (no more waits for RBs) and add in spout-like block-adding etc. Capability.
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    I'm sure as talks progress they start realizing certain limitations and restrictions regarding the current approach of modding.
    Spout addresses a valid concern. I'm certain they'll be called in for their feedback.
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    They'd be fools not to talk with Spout. They are the single efficient bridge for Bukkit <-> SSP modding. Sure there is the jimmy rigged bukkit supported ModloaderMP but, that just a patch fix. Not a true porting system.

    Like you said, I imagine it will only take time for them to be called in as well.
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