Bukkit will be at Minecon!

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Nov 15, 2011.

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    I'll be there too, woo.
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    That's awesome. You guys should livestream because I won't be able to make it!
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    that's pretty obvious why would you put in mor cod into ver 1.8.1 just for it to be outdated in like 2 days
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    Aww man! This would be such a cool thing to go to...
    I hate everyone who is going... excep' for Kainzo - he a baws... >.>
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    Kainzo is obviously a pedophile disguised as a friendly neighbor online.
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    I'm a terrible person to be asking for more, but I wish there was going to be a livestream of this. Maybe IGN will cover it?
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    Nice :) I wish I could go, but I'm stuck here on the east coast :(
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    MuttsWorld is going! We will be speaking on the multiplayer panel :D
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    I wish I could be going, but I wish you guys all the best ;)
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    Oh goodie! I do hope there will be a live-stream. I would have loved to have gone but cannot due to personal reasons :( Have a great time and break a leg! (The non-literal sense though!)
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    I really wanted to go..
    But don't have the money or the age or the permission for it.

    My time will come! Soon!
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    *puts on his apron* ... here kiddy kiddy.

    There's a multiplayer panel? Not seeing it on the agenda - that just get added?

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    There was an option for notable organizations to speak @ the convention to promote their own agendas. At a price.
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    I guess I wasn't invited - heh
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    That's because you're a pedophile. You'd have a field day at MineCon ;D
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    Perhaps its because your notorious rather than simply notable.
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    If you have the moolah, you have the powah ;)
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    I think it was around 4000 per booth, idk if that came with it, probably.

    Ah well, anyway I'll enjoy my weekend more by walking around and getting tipsy rather than sit at a booth or conference some stuff about my server. Maybe another year, if there is another :p
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    Another vote for livestream at the bukkit booth. Can't be there, its too expensive (live in Denmark).
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    My thoughts exactly :D
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    1. Procure "Creeper Condoms" in bulk (Glow in the dark Green, with creeper face in black).
    2. Procure Minecon booth.
    3. Profit!
    Maybe next year...
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    I like where this discussion is going...
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    I'm not such a fan of the direction this is going... Please try to stay on topic.
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    Or because they were taking applications and I didn't see the message. I'm talking on a panel already :)
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    Which panel?
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    See you all there :) :)
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    Not me..

    I hope someone will record it <3 Or at least some of it :p
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    "Creating mods"
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