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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Ablac, Jan 14, 2011.

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    I am wondering ive been running a server using Hey0 since the early builds, now that hey0 has been discontinued how will the switch to bukkit be? Will it be seamless using the same In game commands or will the commands be different??? ECT.

    Also will all the plugins for Hey0 need to be recreated for Bukkit or will Bukkit support Hey0 Plugins for a shot time?
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    Bukkit will just be a server mod, with no built in commands besides very basic ones. It will be up to plugins to add commands. There will be a repository system like Linux systems. Meaning, you could type /repos-get CuboidPlugin and it would update it itself.
    Ofcourse, Bukkit is not even half done yet.
    It will be superior to hey0, in terms of performance and from a coding standpoint. It's obvious already that it's way easier to code for.

    Edit: 90% of the 'main-stream' plugins are being ported (Note:90% is my opinion, it doesn't reflect actual fact)
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    hMod plugins will need to be ported to Bukkit, because they use rather different API's for plugin integration. As far as the original questions of course, I can't say, however I would direct you to the General commands plugin that re-implements just about every default command from hMod, until they are supported by Bukkit.
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    I'm running Bukkit on my main minecraft server at the moment with beta 1.2_01. Flawless. I can tell you there is a vast improvement in performance and overall stability. I'm loving every minute of it.

    Bukkit is only half-developed at the moment and not ready for release. From what I gather, it is heavily plugin dependent. I have the plugin General. This give me the basic commands that hMod would already provide by default.

    The one thing it really needs and hopefully gets placed in soon is Groups. It's awfully hard to solo-admin a server of 60 players.

    I am a satisfied Bukkit user. Keep up the excellent work!

    NOTE: The transition from hMod to Bukkit in terms of setting up a server is incredibly easy. I found it easier than setting up hMod, granted I have a lot more experience now than I did back then. You'll need obvious SSH experience with linux if your server uses the linux system.
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    To be honest I changed my server over to the craftbukkit thingy yesterday, added a few plug ins and I'd say it works just fine. Once groups and permissions get sorted out it'll be perfect! :]
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    This is pretty much true but it really depends on the type of server your running. For team and group based servers bukkit is almost unusable in its current state (only due to the time requirements - its just an overall messy setup too when your dealing with dozens of groups and hundreds of players). Otherwise it seems to run well and there are a lot of fun plugins to play with. I really dont understand why groups and permissions aren't the number one priority right now. Has this been addressed in another forum? Everything else seems to be running great but one of the most important features is seriously lacking, seems to cause split between plugin developers too (what permissions program they choose to implement, using their own permission system, etc).
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    for groups and permissions there is the Permissions plugins
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    Oh I do use the permissions plugin and it definitely works, I just would like an actually implemented cleaner version in bukkit (like with hmod), rather than one main plugin (and there are multiple for that matter). Like I said in my previous post, for large group based servers its just a hassle with the permissions plugins and implementing all groups, etc.
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