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Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Dec 21, 2011.

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    We got to visit Mojang in Sweden!

    For those of you who want to hear what we did in Sweden, read on. For those of you who just want to know what this means for Bukkit and Minecraft, skip to the end.

    This past weekend Bukkit went on a trip to visit Mojang in Stockholm, Sweden and we had a blast. Dinnerbone and myself arrived pretty late in Sweden so we were almost certain no one would be at the Mojang HQ, but to our surprise the place was packed with employees hard at work getting their new game, Cobalt, out instead of tearing each other apart in their usual Friday game nights. Tahg had the earliest flight out of the four of us, so he got to spend the whole day with Mojang and got to share a juicy steak with them in between the craziness accompanying a game launch.

    It was really exhilarating being a part of Cobalt's launch and actually physically being there as it happened - the energy coming from the team pushing to get Cobalt out was electric and contagious. After we got a tour of Mojang's (pretty awesome) office, we spent the rest of the day hanging out with beers and soda in hand just getting to know the Mojang team and watching them scramble about getting Cobalt ready for release. Funnily enough, while this was all happening, our phones were alight with messages and/or tweets from people asking us when Cobalt would be out - it was all so surreal - but, of course, we couldn't answer those questions even if we did know.

    Eventually Carl decided it was time for a break and got us all pizza for dinner (I found it pretty cool that we each got our own pizzas, it was very different from Canada where you either get slices or a large pizza to share), with Carl getting his favourite pizza aptly named 'The Internet' as it had everything thrown on it. Beer and pizza turned out to be all the fuel the team needed to push Cobalt out there for public consumption, as immediately after dinner everything was ready for launch and people could finally take a breather. Unfortunately, the insanity continued: the hard work from everyone was simply replaced with all of us sat in front of the screen watching the Cobalt sales counter go up until late into the night. Sadly, Grum's flight was really late with him only arriving in Stockholm around midnight, so we never got to see him until the next day and he missed out on the awesomeness that was the Cobalt launch.

    The next morning we got to sample the fabulous breakfast at Hotel Rival (where every room comes with its own teddy bear!) and then it was off to the Mojang HQ once again to start our meeting with Mojang on the future of Minecraft and modding - the main reason why we all made the trip out to Sweden in the first place. The meeting started off with each of us introducing ourselves and explaining what we did, followed by discussing Mojang's plans for Minecraft, modding and why we were invited to meet with them in Stockholm. A few hours later and we, reluctantly, decided to take a break from all the serious talk to get some Chinese food for lunch.

    Upon arriving back at the office, we continued our discussions until the phone rang. Apparently some people from Australia had made the trip all the way to Sweden to visit Mojang and they were downstairs waiting to be let in. Luckily for them, Carl and Jeb were meeting with us at the time so there were actually people in the office on a Saturday when the office would usually be empty. After greetings were exchanged, the visitors were given a tour of the office and then they had to run out to continue on with their trip.

    We decided to take a break ourselves and fired up Cobalt, where Jeb proceeded to school us on the game and we were shown a sneak peek of the internals of Cobalt and saw the potential the game has for modding and expansion. Cobalt is an extremely fun game that everyone should get, especially when you have several people who can play co-op with you. From a modding standpoint, we expect people to mod and extend it very soon which should provide you with many hours of extra replayability on top of the hours of fun the game already offers.

    All in all, we had a great time hanging out with Mojang and meeting all the talent they have in their team. Mojang's official statement about Bukkit is that "The Bukkit team are awesome dudes" and we genuinely feel the same way about them. Often times when you get to meet up with influential people, they have their heads in the clouds and won't show you the time of day but things at Mojang are really different. All of their employees are down to earth, humble and awesome individuals that you can't help but get along with. Letting the guests from Australia check out the Mojang HQ on a Saturday further nails this impression home.

    Thanks for the great time in Sweden, Mojang!

    So what does this all mean for Bukkit and Minecraft?
    While I can't go into any of the specifics, we spent an entire day discussing a lot about the future of modding in Minecraft (as well as Minecraft in general). The meeting with Mojang has left us feeling confident that Mojang knows the value of embracing the modding the community and Bukkit, and that Minecraft has been left in more than capable hands with jeb as lead developer. Mojang has expressed that they like what we're doing and see what we can offer them to help provide more official support to the Minecraft modding community.

    As originally announced, Mojang is looking into developing a modding API that covers both the server and the client and believe that we can help them in doing so. As it stands, we are both actively looking into how we can work together for the betterment of Minecraft in the future. Until the details are worked out, that's all we can really say at this time but I think I can honestly say we all left the meeting satisfied and excited about what the future has in store for us together if all goes to plan.
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    Congrats to the Bukkit team. What better way to celebrate the 1 year anniversary.
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    An all expenses paid trip to Vegas for all members of the Bukkit team? (Which would include us and all other moderators of course)
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    i live in Sweden!;)
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    A bit of a random one there...
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    Mod edit (NuclearW): Removed racist commentary
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    Just got Cobalt its epic :D
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    "As originally announced, Mojang is looking into developing a modding API that covers both the server and the client and believe that we can help them in doing so."

    That means Minecraft itself will be like Spout/Spoutcraft. Custom items/blocks and modded player avatars will be the standard of servers. Imagine Multiplayer servers with the normally-only SP Gun and Airship mods installed on them for multiple users to enjoy. Basically, it's what Minecraft Multiplayer should have looked like a very long time ago. About time they started working on it.
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    @fearless1333 I wouldn't get your hopes up too high. I doubt that Vanilla API will ever have as many features as Spout/Spoutcraft has or will have.
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    Grum Bukkit Team Member

    [/tired of this Spout blah]

    So right now you can use Spout as a drop-in replacement for minecraft_server.jar with all features working? Oh wait ... wait a bit more ... wait another couple of months ... maybe, not likely.
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    Will Bukkit be able to do this? Will it ever be possible to have modded features without requiring the end-user to download something for the client? If you're trying to knock Spoutcraft because it requires the end-user to download something, in all seriousness I'd like to see Bukkit try.
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    The irony in this is that....and correct me if I am wrong....didn't Bukkit start around this time one year ago? If so, I imagine (whether it was outloud or thought of) the SAME thing was said about Bukkit.
    One year (give or take some days/weeks) and here we are. Spout is following right in Bukkit's footsteps and we have someone saying the same exact comment against Spout.
    Its amazing how...history repeats itself ;)
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    I'm confident that the Vanilla API will be as full-featured as Spout/Spoutcraft. The obvious problem with Spout/Spoutcraft is that it's greatly crippled as players have to install a standalone client. Just give it some time; Jeb has already announced that he's aiming for a January release date for the Modding API, so we'll all soon see.
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    The thing I love about Spout is the "notch free code" objective. Mojang can't fix bugs floating around since 1.2. (i.e: Chunk holes all over the map) it's a fact.

    We all patiently wait, because was "beta code" (btw: ppl who always used 'it's a beta' excuse: WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW?).

    Now it's time to try new things.. NEW CODE. new hopes, and probably a new faith.

    Long life Spout team.
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  17. One of the funny things is that Spout server alone won't even contain vanilla blocks, mobs, or AI. Vanilla will be a plugin on top of Spout which will basically be a Voxel sandbox engine.
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    Which I find a bit funny because they're basically making their own game entirely! Just sort of spun off the idea of Minecraft.
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    This approach was taken because the fundamental mindset of the team is "why stop at Minecraft, why stop with just Vanilla mechanics. Why not take the core of Minecraft and let the developer build an entirely new type of game running off the Spout platform."

    This is something Bukkit cannot do as Bukkit is looking to always just "be Vanilla". In the end, there is no "Who is better than who"...it is a "Bukkit chooses the vanilla path, Spout chooses the path of a custom game".

    Vanilla will be everything that makes Vanilla Minecraft...Vanilla. If we ever get to making a "from scratch" client, it would be a Voxel Sandbox Engine that runs on a Voxel server (the Spout platform) with the possibility for a server admin to have Vanilla elements in his server (via Vanilla the plugin).

    Whereas this used to be an issue (back in the days of bukkitcontrib and users manually installing the client), now-a-days it is as simple to get as Minecraft itself is and this is now a moot point. The only difference is the Mojang one is "official" while Spoutcraft-Launcher is made by SpoutDev (and our adoption rate also says this to be true ;)).

    I will stop hijacking this thread now XD. My apologies to the Bukkit Team...I simply wanted to clear the air on things.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Yes. :p I think this is reasonably likely, at least.
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    Problem with Spoutcraft: someone could create a mod that, when loaded by spoutcraft onto a client's jar, does nasty things to their computer or steals their account info from their "lastlogin" file. You could get a virus just by logging into a server, and it would have no interference from your computer's security system, because it would just be an extension of an already trusted program (minecraft.) For example, when you normally mod minecraft, security doesn't notice it, because the mods usually aren't a program on their own, just an extension of minecraft, which it allows for. Slightly problematic, would you not agree?
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    Not possible. Read up on our security design. File access, Internet access, etc, will be strictly limited. Plugins won't be able to do anything we don't want them to. Java is a sandbox. Bukkit just chose not to use it.
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    Ah, Yay! That sort of alleviates my worries. I probably still won't use Spout, though, because I'm just paranoid. No offense to your plugin: I wanted that for quite a while. It's just that, no matter how many security measures you put in, I just won't feel safe (I have this constant feeling that there's some really smart hacker out there who's going to get me... :( ) But, anyway, discussing Spout isn't really the purpose of this forum, is it? Sorry for continuing the conversation here, but it would have been odd and disjointed if I just randomly picked it up in the middle of the Spout page ;P! Anyway, great idea, probably great implementation, but I'll probably never find out for sure.
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    If the opposite was happening it wouldn't be tolerated at all.
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    I don't want to live on this planet anymore
  26. Travel to Hyrule then.
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    Ssshhh.... It's a seeeecret. :)
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    HAPPY FREAKIN NEW YEAR!!! My first post on these forums and I'm kinda glad its on the first day of the year. I am new to these forums and would like to start out by saying THANKS!!! Thank you to ALL the people who have put so much time effort into all these awesome mods/plug-ins and helper progs. I have started and ran a few minecraft servers locally and online privately. It has been a blast!
    Now, I am VERY excited abouth the prospect of Mojang's upcomming build with a modding API! In the same token, I am worried. I cannot code... I can edit simple code, and adjust if needed. I rely on the modding community as MANY, MANY others do to hopfully come up with what I would like to add to a server for my familly/kids/friends. I have been holding off on making a "non-test" server for everyone to play on. I have been going on the assumption that this new API(and how the modding community responds/handles it) will profoundly affect the way I want to build a perminent server for us to all play on. So with that being said, I just wonder....(and hope these forums will provide my asnwers eventually)
    A.) How , if at all do I fit into this community? Should server admins that don't write code/script plug-ins even be here? I have been a non-registered troll of these forums for quite a while. In light of the upcoming changes I just had to start asking some questions that could only be asnwered here. But I hold no false hopes and fully realise I don't have the time in my life to dedicate learning how to write code or scripts....I went down that path with RunUO, and while it was fun(and I still run a shard) I ultimately fell short of time to learn C#. I love to game, not code, I love to set-up worlds for my kids/family and friends to play in, not script. So really, I am in your hands...
    B.) Will this competition help drive the great people here to make our experience easier and more fun? Because I feel that is what its all about right? Or will it split the talent pool too thin? IDK.... But I do feel that SPOUT seems to be reaching for something totally different than Bukkit, so that all seems a mute point. I am here, and not on SPOUT because I want a Minecraft server with great additions/extras/changes, like portals, catacombs,npc, and skills. Spout seems to be heading towards something bigger... an almost different game. Maybe better, maybe worse, thats subjective.
    C.) Will all this ever become what it really needs to make this a long-lasting phenomenon? Compatibility, plain and simple compatibility. This will draw more and more people in if they can manage to get what they want. If they can't get one great thing to work with another great thing they will get discouraged and find something easier to do. ( I am a bit more stubborn than that tho)
    D.) My last question is... will ANYONE ever make permissions easy to set-up?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? lmao.
    Anyways, HI EVERYONE, and seriously thanks again. A whole lot of you have helped me put smiles on my kids faces, and enjoy some great laughs with friends and family. I am still pulling more and more people into this in hopes of having a great server set-up with all the great thing that are put out here! This may be the last post I ever place on these forums. Maybe I'll pop up and be able to help somebody new set up thier own server. Hell who knows, I'm learning alot about JAVA with my new job, maybe I'll be able to script a plug-in myself one day(don't hold your breath). But at the very least, I took this opportunity to say to you all... KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!! And please know, what your doing is greatly appreciated!
    P.S. If anyone ever gets a stable version of Mo' Creatures to work with the newest Bukkit/minescraft MP(that is easy to install) I will personally e-mail you a picture of me and my 8 kids holding up a sign saying "YOU ROCK" !!!
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    nice block of text. time to read
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    As a server admin, I've always felt there was a place for me here. While I choose not to delve into coding Java, I use my knowledge to write guides and provide help for fellow server admins. It does not matter if you code or not, Bukkit has a place for you.

    Competition is a good thing. As for Spout - they have many ambitious plans. I cannot say what the future will hold, but I believe a lot of good is coming in the new year.

    Most large API changes do not happen as often anymore, so plugin compatibility between CraftBukkit builds is pretty good. However, I still update the plugins I use regularly.

    Check out bPermissions. They have a Web GUI that makes it really easy to work with.

    For that, you need to talk to the devs of Mo' Creatures. They're have ultimate control of that software.
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    Jeremy Stuck

    Couple of quick points, hope I don't get flamed... sigh...
    1. This should have been done a year ago

    2. I will never (maybe for $1) buy cobalt (no online multiplayer)

    sidenote: Also expecting a demo that you can actually play....

    3. They had you down on the day of release for cobalt? Great they must have been super ready to talk about minecraft (sarcasm)

    4. Snip: Minecraft has been left in more than capable hands with jeb as lead developer.
    Response: However left in LESS then capable hands with their programmer jonkagstrom.

    Twitter snip:

    "@jonkagstrom did you play minecraft before you got hired? o.o

    @Onetallnerd Not much to be honest. A lot has happened since I last tried it. "

    So mojang hired a programmer for minecraft that has played it "not much"?!?! YOU have got to be kidding me.

    5. Really? No API yet?

    6. "While I can't go into any of the specifics" "Until the details are worked out, that's all we can really say at this time"
    Response: What exactly did you go there for then? Fine forget it, i'm out see ya when minecraft starts dying 3 mos from now.

    You guys do a wonderful job. But it -is- a hack job.
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