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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ZeroZX4, Apr 9, 2012.

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    ok so i got a friend from spain who runs Linux-Ubuntu 10.04

    and he use router and he is tired of using hamachi and he wanted to use do let players join his server

    and so he registered in site
    and he created a host
    he put the hostname in server-properties in ip he put there like put:

    than in port, he put nothing
    and when he start the server

    he get this
    01:40:15 [INFO] Starting minecraft server version 1.2.5
    01:40:15 [INFO] Loading properties
    01:40:15 [INFO] Starting Minecraft server on
    01:40:15 [ADVERTENCIA] The exception was: Cannot assign requested address
    01:40:15 [ADVERTENCIA] Perhaps a server is already running on that port?

    any 1 any solution for him ? or any 1 from spain here that can talk to him cause we both got poor english :D
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    I'm that friend :D
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    Your friend is doing it completely wrong. First of all, you should never put anything in the server ip section of your config. The no-ip is just a domain name service which simply covers up your real ip and is like a static ip source. You STILL have to port forward no matter what. It's failing to bind to port because the port isn't configured to forward the server. What you want to do is to port forward as usual. Leave the IP config blank. Then on the website, enter in your real ip into the config so that when players connect to your domain, they will be redirected to your real ip. Sorry if its confusing lol. Here, all you have to do is port forward. Worry about the after you have port forwarded. :p
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    Ok, but if my ip is dinamyc?
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    wtf wtf wtf

    he just registered here put there his IP and ask me to connect to

    and i did connect to his server wtf how ? so that all port forwarding is not necesery ? and all users could use that site ?
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    Wait, I'm confused. So if his server can't bind to the port, then how can you even connect if it's not running? Are you two linked through the same network? I don't know what you are talking about by "site" as it's only a domain name.
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    Don't put anything in server-ip=. It's working without that!
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    man im just confused as he does i was sure it was like anonymous site to hide ur IP and we r not linked im from poland he is from spain

    and after i told him what u said he got mad and do some shit on that site what he said he just registered and put there his IP and he give me that more like DNS IP i connected and boom wtf im in ?

    i didnt believe its possible so wtf ? how ? so now no neeed to port forwarding for other users ? so ppl can just use that site ? i got external IP so it wont work for me cause it works without me and so i cant check it

    can someone with router check it out or someone who knows how should it work tell wtf ?
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    Look zero, first of all, i opened two ports (25565), then i registered on no-ip, i created a host, and there i put my IP... That is What i did...
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    How did you get so many people to register... I can't get anyone to register on mine
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    On your what?
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    on my forums

    listen, go into in your server's folder, and look where it says
    change that to
    that is all, u dont need anything after it

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    Yeah, I know it, but i have a problem with no-ip, the ip of the host changes each time i restart my computer... and i want that it dont change... LOL
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    Braveras, if your IP is dynamic, you'll need No-Ip's auto update client.

    This application, runnable on practically any OS, will automatically update the IP record for your no-ip hostname.

    So, in non-geek terms, your no-ip domain will always point to your dynamically changes IP each time it changes.

    However, no matter what you do, you'll still find that when your IP changes either due to shut downs, or your ISP changing it on you: all clients will loose connection, since the address they're connected to is no longer valid.

    A good solution for this is to put a router between the incoming internet cable and the computer. This way, the router always stays on, and your computer is behind a proper firewall.

    Good luck!
    ~ Cicadia
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    Just a heads-up - no-ip does not hide your ip. I could do an nslookup and get your IP address easily from the domain name.
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    Right, and either way, the domain always resolves to the IP address of the server anyway.
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