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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by MostAwesomeDude, Jan 19, 2011.

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    If this isn't the right forum, please move it. Thanks.

    Exactly what it says on the tin: Support Bravo in Bukkit, or Bukkit in Bravo, whichever direction it's supposed to go. I keep hearing about how Bukkit's strength is in its ability to support custom servers, but I don't see *any* custom servers with Bukkit support, and that seems quite lame. The blotter at the top of the page says, "Bukkit can hold anything," but if Bukkit can only work with Notchian servers, that's an awful lot like a bucket with holes all over it.

    So. What's required for a server to work with Bukkit?
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    What is "bravo"?
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    https://github.com/MostAwesomeDude/bravo, or bravoserver.org when that gets up and running. It's arguably the fanciest of the custom servers, and has a fairly robust plugin system with a couple dozen plugins shipped already.
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    Ahh the python server. *peers in with interest*
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    There are currently no custom servers that implement a satisfactory subset of vanilla MC's features, although yours does seem pretty cool - only one I considered trying, actually :p But hey - you're the coder of Bravo - take a look at the Bukkit API documentation.

    At this early point it'd probably be easier for you to load Bukkit plugins than it would be for Bukkit to hack your server - Bukkit is currently a shamelessly decompiled and edited version of the vanilla Minecraft server software at this point, as I'm sure you know.

    I bet you're up on the licensing talk and how they're trying to get Notch to give Bukkit some kind of official OK. At that point, I suspect Bukkit and Bravo will be able to move together. Truthfully, right now Bukkit is temporarily stalled - they're even putting off making rather important edits to the code (that other people have made for them - all they have to do is pull them in) - pending the results of this discussion.

    I'd say just hang in there for right now.
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    Bukkit is a stand-alone api that should be portable to other server platforms. Craftbukkit is the minecraft_server and bukkit crammed together.

    The idea is you take the bukkit api and build an interface to your server. In theory exsisting plugins should be able to work hooking into the api.

    Take a look at the code.

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